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Also, why did God need to wait till after the departure of Jesus to "inspire" his "true" nature? In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the Bibles were corrected by Lan Frank, Archbishop of Canterbury, and by Nicholas, a cardinal and librarian of the Roman church, secundum Ortodoxam fidem. Gibbon later said "His structures are founded in argument, enriched with learning, and enlivened with wit, and his adversary neither deserves nor finds any quarter at his hands. Gibbon had predicted, the simple fact that the most learned scholars of Christianity now unanimously recognize this verse to be a later interpolation of the Church has not prevented the preservation of this fabricated text in our modern Bibles.Notwithstanding these corrections, the passage is still wanting in twenty-five Latin manuscripts, the oldest and fairest; two qualities seldom united, except in manuscripts.... The evidence of the three heavenly witnesses would now be rejected in any court of justice; but prejudice is blind, authority is deaf, and our vulgar Bibles will ever be polluted by this spurious text." To which Mr. No modern Bible now contains the interpolation." Mr. To this day, the Bible in the hands of the majority of Christians, the "King James" Bible, still unhesitantly includes this verse as the "inspired" word of God without so much as a footnote to inform the reader that all scholars of Christianity of note unanimously recognize it as a later fabrication.The following links are articles on this page combined together: Is the entire Bible truely the Word of GOD? 17 Another Christian scholar, Kenneth Cragg, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, says: "... There is condensation and editing; there is choice reproduction and witness. They all agree that the Bible was written after the departure of Jesus peace be upon him by his followers. The majority of today's credible Christian scholars do. W Graham Scroggie of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, a prestigious Christian evangelical mission, says: ".. Most of them originally come from Brother Al-Kadhi's work, and the rest of them come from other brothers' and sisters' work which I mentioned their names on their articles. So, if the authors of the Bible were people other than Jesus, then did they have Jesus or the Holy Spirit in them guiding their hands and dictating to them word for word what to write? Yes, the Bible is human, although some out of zeal which is not according to knowledge, have denied this.The sections that don't have author's name on them are Brother Al-Kadhi's work. The invalidity of the Trinity belief from the Theologians' views. Where did the discarded verses come from in the first place? How did the Church handle the "differences in the Bibles" problem? How did the Church explain all these centuries of tampering? Those books have passed through the minds of men, are written in the language of men, were penned by the hands of men and bear in their style the characteristics of men...." "It is Human, Yet Divine," W Graham Scroggie, p.Sadly, however, it is a question for which there is no logical answer.

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People continued to put words in the mouths of Jesus, his disciples, and even God himself with no reservations whatsoever. If these people were being "inspired" by God, I wondered, then why did they need to put these words into name"? Edward Gibbon, explains the reason for the discardal of this verse from the pages of the Bible with the following words: "Of all the manuscripts now extant, above fourscore in number, some of which are more than 1200 years old, the orthodox copies of the Vatican, of the Complutensian editors, of Robert Stephens are becoming invisible; and the two manuscripts of Dublin and Berlin are unworthy to form an exception...

It is therefore evidently spurious." Others, such as the late Dr. Armstrong argued that this verse was added to the Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible during the heat of the controversy between Rome, Arius, and God's people.

Whatever the reason, this verse is now universally recognized as an insertion and discarded.

For a closer look at reliability of the NT and its development dont forget to check out Is the NT really reliable ?

Its a nice direct answer to the highly visited "Christian Think Tank" site. The only verses in the whole Bible that explicitly ties God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in one "Triune" being is the verse of 1 John 5:7 "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." is the type of clear, decisive, and to-the-point verse I have been asking for. No credible Biblical scholar on this earth will claim that the Bible was written by Jesus himself.