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20-Apr-2019 15:07

At 20, she had me and for the next three years, my father harassed her over money (she made much more than him); he also let her know that, while she may have had straight A’s in high school, he, a junior high dropout, was the smarter of the pair.By 24, my mother was divorced and saddled with a kid while my dad returned to being an eligible bachelor who continued dating young adults.While sexism knows no age barrier, in my experience, the older men I’ve met are far less likely to treat me as an equal.Dating much younger women seems to stem from these men’s unhealthy and unrealistic obsession with youth — perhaps a way to stave off fears of their own mortality. But they’ve helped me navigate single life.] In fact, such a lopsided romance is my origin story.

Such mansplaining is one of the many reasons I don’t want to date significantly older men.

(And though he constantly disparaged her for it while they were together, he also grudgingly admitted he chose her for “school smarts,” too).

Plus, being so young, she was “more likely to put up with him,” he said.

Shortly after I completed college, my dad confided in me that he had never loved my mother.

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When I asked why he married her, he told me it was because he was ready to have a kid and she was young and pretty — and if he had a daughter, he wanted her to be pretty, too.

He introduced himself and inquired about what we did for a living.

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