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It took a lot of mental will power but the feeling of filming on that super high platform and overcoming my fear was amazing. What’s the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?If you were a food or a dish, what would you be and why? I was in the street and someone started running towards me to give me a hug.But I found a really nice restaurant and pulled out all the stops but when the bill came I couldn't pay for it all.

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The problem is that when a fear manifests itself inside us we believe that it's only going to get worse as we get older but I’m living proof that that isn't true.She has appeared in many television series about her life, and was the winner of the fifteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother.Price has written many best selling novels and autobiographies, and is the author of a best selling series of Children's books.She first came to prominence in 1996 as a glamour model in the British newspaper The Sun.

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Her success allowed her to expand into a variety of different industries including television, books, fashion and music.

Pete had to have emergency surgery to remove kidney stones when he fell ill before a concert.