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when Karen mentioned her boss was away on business in the Philippines: "I like Filipinos; they're Asian, but they're not cocky about it." Then there are all the jokes about Filipino foreign workers caricatured as being practically everywhere.Not to mention all the mail-order brides and prostitutes jokes that always seem to pop up.And they will be depicted as being stingy misers who would rather die than pay a dime. The Dutch They are some of the most stingy persons you will ever encounter.

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Jamaicans Even though the Jamaican stereotype of a dread-locked pot-smoking Rastafarian on the beach, mon, is usually Played for Laughs, it does get extremely annoying.

Plus the fact that young Filipino boys are now seen as a kind of catch-all for what gay men are supposed to be into. Or when done by other black people for the sake of comedy.