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15-May-2019 02:38

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Imagine if, at 100, you and your wife could relive your first date?Imagine old age if we can use technology, VR in particular, and other wearables to not only rekindle memories, but also to create new connections and experiences, no matter what our physical status in real life?She is working on a game called Follow the White Rabbit that targets emotions to deepen the VR experience.Lazzaro notes that the technology will advance in leaps and bounds in the next 50 years to beyond what we can even imagine today.“Virtual reality is about experiences and generating emotions,” she says.“When we think about aging and dating we are really talking about social relationships, and virtual reality will deliver that in spades.” That means a sojourn in the immersive, wide-angle VR realm could allow someone to experience new things such as paragliding as well as a memories.This could mean that we add a new layer to reality, one where our physical limits fall away.It could mean a redefinition of aging as a newly productive and social time for old folks who perhaps can no longer get out as easily or as often.

But whether you meet online or in person, Kelton says what remains important is having interactions with others — something that’s especially important as more Americans age in place rather than moving to assisted living facilities.

Weopia is based in Canada and was founded by Dave Wilkie and Stefan Embleton.