Updating squeezecenter on readynas duo

19-Jun-2019 15:45

Restart is possible but re-scan not as it will crash immediately.-- UPDATE --After several hours of scan analysis I found about 10 mp3 files with incorrect ID3-Tag. Once I edited the tags with an MP3-Tag Editor, the problem was gone.

It should be noted that the files scanned fine in all previous versions (and for comparison reasons also on the windows version).

We tested it using RAID 0, RAID 1 and Netgear’s default X-RAID 2 volume configurations.

In all modes, it was slower than most NAS enclosures, but the default option provides the best balance of redundant security and speed, providing an average large file transfer speed of 35.8MB/s and a small file transfer speed of 9.8MB/s.

Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model. Rhapsody requires that update to work, so it can get upgraded to the associated 7.7.3 firmware. Improve recovery from corrupted cache files Yep - I saw it was available from the package centre updates icon and installed it today.

Any workaround suggestions in the meantime, to get both Rhapsody and NAS files to play? Otherwise, I wonder if I could install LMS on my PC to let my Squeezebox update its firmware to 7.7.4..still have it play music stored on the DS running 7.7.2. Since I did it remotely (from work) haven't actually tested it in person yet but it certainly seems to be installed and running OK.

The latter lets you connect and, at the press of a button, back up data stored on your NAS to an external USB disk.

You can schedule it to sleep at different times on different days of the week, for example, while the backup screen lets you set it up as a Time Machine backup device for Apple hardware and back up contents to a USB drive.

At the rear of the NAS, alongside its Gigabit Ethernet port, are two USB3 ports.

There's also a USB2 port at the front, below the NAS's power and backup buttons.

Pop a button at the bottom of each and they'll release, ready to be pulled out.

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Installing 3.5in hard disks in the trays is incredibly simple, with each disk connecting to its tray with four screws.You can also download a range of both official and community-created add-ons, which let you use the NAS device as a cloud storage server, online photo album, Squeezebox server, video streamer, Bit Torrent client and more.