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There, she says, Weinstein forced sex and oral sex on her: “I told him no. Cynthia Burr: The actress told that in the late 1970s, her manager set up a meeting between her and Weinstein; they met in an elevator, says Burr, where she says Weinstein tried to kiss her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.“The way he forced me made me feel really bad about myself,” she told the “What are you going to do when you are a girl just trying to make it as an actress?Nobody would have believed me.”Ashley Matthau: The dancer says that she met Weinstein in 2004, when he visited the set of and began pressuring her to take a private meeting with him.Eventually, she relented, and went with him to his hotel room, where Weinstein allegedly bragged about other actresses he had supposedly slept with before groping her and masturbating on top of her.that after meeting Weinstein at a party in 2011, the producer asked for her e-mail address, then groped her. And I know with every fibre of my being that if my male makeup artist was not in that room, things would not have gone well. I felt like I had fucked up.” Years later, she says, Weinstein came to her hotel room at the Cannes Film Festival, “in his underwear, holding a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a tape, a movie, in the other.” Sciorra says that time, she ran.It was scary.” Weinstein allegedly then told Hannah to attend a party downstairs; when she arrived at the room he had mentioned, she says, it was empty save Weinstein. Natassia Malthe: In a press conference with Gloria Allred, the actress accused Weinstein of raping her in 2008. I played dead.”Mimi Haleyi: In a press conference with Allred, former production assistant Haleyi accused Weinstein of performing oral sex on her without her consent.This list will be updated if and when more women come forward.

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I, too, was asked if I wanted a massage, Champagne, strawberries.

If he and I had that kind of ‘close relationship,’ I could have a similar career. Marisa Coughlan: The actress told Weinstein asked her to meet him at the Peninsula hotel, where “he told me that he has a lot of ‘special friends’ and they give each other massages. He wanted me to be one of his ‘special friends’ and go into the bedroom. It was the weirdest meeting I’ve ever had in my life.” Ultimately, said Coughlan, she left the room, and later allegedly rejected another advance after another meeting.__ Katya Mtsitouridze:__The Russian TV hostess told that she scheduled a meeting with Weinstein at the cafe of the Excelsior hotel in Venice. The next thing I knew, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis.” Kerr said that Weinstein then “grabbed her hand and forced it onto penis and held it there,” before telling her that “this is how things work in Hollywood and all actresses who’d made it did it this way.” She said she left the industry shortly afterwards.

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