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That’s the thing about culture; it only exists with our consent.

As soon as a critical mass of students decide they will no longer obey it, it ceases to exist. Hookup culture’s routines are embedded in the rhythms and architecture of higher education.

We do see gender differences in behavior, but that’s because the balance of risk and benefits is in men’s favor.

Women are more likely than men to be labeled as slutty or desperate, they’re more likely to encounter degradation or coercion, and they’re less likely to be given an orgasm.

Is there anything you discovered in writing the book that contradicts the conventional wisdom of hookups as “guys wanting them all the time” vs. In 2015, a set of scientists mathematically compiled over 20,000 studies of 386 possible gender differences representing over 12 million people.

Evidence for anything but the smallest of gender differences on a minority of traits is vanishingly small, even given the powerful socialization we experience.

Contemporary college culture, then, has its roots in frat culture and frat culture has always been a way for rich white men to exert control over both higher education and their peers.

So yes, hookup culture is a racialized, classed, and heterocentric culture as well as a gendered one.

There’s a strong race and class analysis in the book with respect to what hookups look like.

Colonial college life was rigid and the curriculum was dry.