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02-Oct-2019 04:54

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The girl's first contact with the couple came months ago, when she met James Warren, 41, in an America Online chat room and told him she wanted to run away from the home where she lived with her parents. I., where the couple raped her, and then drove to Loschin's and Warren's homes, where the attacks continued, police said.

On Wednesday, the couple even forced her to call cops in her suburban Boston hometown of Wrentham and made her say she was okay and heading to California.

It is alarming that we’re still hypothesising so much.

It is a hidden crime but we need to be better at collecting figures.” Ms Roberts also warned that improved systems must be in place to support victims once they are identified, which would in turn encourage more victims to come forward.

“The growing body of evidence we are collecting points to the scale being far larger than anyone previously thought.

This should not be acceptable in any way, shape or form.” Responding to the report, Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-slavery commissioner, said the fight against modern slavery must go beyond arrests, and extend into more convictions as well as improved intelligence gathering and better support for victims.

But, police said, she was headed instead to the Astoria, Queens, apartment of Michael Montez.

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It’s got to be about providing support for victims beyond the NRM,” she said.

“Arrests have been made by police, victims rescued and convictions secured. We need to see more convictions and criminals behind bars,” Mr Hyland said.