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29-May-2019 01:04

There is nothing wrong with picking someone up in a bar, but you can do it with integrity—and without a furry hat.♦◊♦When I was single and going out to “unz unz” nightclubs, I didn’t hook up with guys who approached me. Sudden strange attention throws us into an scary, uncomfortable space we’re all too familiar with—and want out of. I chose guys who made friendly eye contact with me, who smiled, who struck up a conversation when we were near each other and unoccupied.♦◊♦You’ve experienced a pickup if you’ve heard things like, “Hey, what’s this from: ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’?

” or “You look like trouble.” To which, four years ago, I would be like, “No, I’m ‘&Hearts’; ‘Trouble’ is Katie’s My Space name.

And be real—true to yourself and the things you care about.

After “Hi,” try some personal insight—it doesn’t have to be worked out all the way.

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In fact, my social anxiety was so bad back in high school that…Befriend or beware: the ladies of Beach Island have their own goals and ambitions. It could be Muriel, the ambitious tomboy with a crafty eye, Vera, the shy engineer with a passion for electronics, or Esther, the pragmatic single mom who only wants to go home.

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