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Perfectly aligned broadheads mean more accuracy and tighter broadhead groups.

HIT and ST Slim Tech) combine to form the next great advancement in hunting arrows, and more accuracy, durability & penetration than standard carbon arrows.

Selecting the correct components will be important when trying to replace damaged or misplaced components.

Refer to the Easton Arrow Guides or the Easton website for complete component specifications for your particular shaft.

Visit the downloads section for free download of the Easton Tuning Guide, where you can find a diagram for further illustration.

Each and every shaft that Easton produces has its own components specifically designed for that particular shaft.

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The thicker shaft wall design was needed to deliver the correct bowhunting spine sizes, but more importantly, thick-wall design provides increased durability and enhanced kinetic energy for better downrange penetrating power.During his longtime relationship with Jerry Hall, he had four children: Elizabeth, James, Georgia and Gabriel.