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With the police investigation turning up e-mail and cellphone communication between Hatch and Dickson, Hatch admitted to killing Dickson and said the two had met through the victim's ad on

The two had sex on two occasions at Dickson's apartment.

Philanthropists saw them as places for wholesome recreation that would preserve youth from the temptations of alcohol, gambling, and prostitution and that would promote good citizenship." The YMCA was founded by George Williams, a London draper, who was typical of the young men drawn to the cities by the Industrial Revolution.

He and his colleagues were concerned about the lack of healthy activities for young men in major cities; the options available were usually taverns and brothels.

*No representation is made that the person listed here is currently on the state's offenders registry.

The YMCA "combined preaching in the streets and the distribution of religious tracts with a social ministry.It was a first-of-its-kind sting operation in Redwood County, and when the fake prostitution ads were put on Craigslist, investigators say one of the first to respond was a small town police chief. Zeug believed he was talking to a 17-year-old,” Collins said.According to the complaint, Walnut Grove Police Chief Michael Zeug thought the undercover officer he was texting with was a 17-year-old girl.Zeug denied being a cop and he allegedly said, “I’m just a hard-working farming dude looking for discreet fun.” The complaint said he also asked for nude photos, agreed to pay for sex and said, “Yeah, this isn’t my first time.” He was arrested near a decoy house in Redwood Falls that was used in the sting.

Police found a law enforcement radio in his car that monitors police channels.

From an earlier case, Hatch remains charged with illegal weapons possession, making a terroristic threat and domestic assault.