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It was not a childhood in which health and safety regulations played a prominent part.By the time he was 16, 10 of his friends had died – in car accidents, drownings, or by suicide. 'I grew up in a part of the world where the mentality is that you're going to figure all of that stuff out for yourself, and hopefully you're not going to lose a limb while you do.He's a strong male figure, which I needed for this play. And he's like a George Clooney – an old-fashioned man.' The play is set in a cabin in the woods.Betty, a middle-aged academic, played by Olivia Williams, has called her brother Bobby (Fox) late on a stormy night, to help her move some things in his truck.That was the man he always wanted to be.' Matthew was a year old when the family moved to Wyoming.They settled in Crowheart (population 163 in the last census), on the Wind River Indian Reservation.A carpenter with two failed marriages behind him, he is resentful of her education and her money, but our assumptions about him soon unravel.

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He can take his pick, so I am wondering why, for this play, he decided on the Lost star Matthew Fox. 'But what I liked was the human factor that he brought to it – I'm not a big science fiction or fantasy lover.'Matthew has a wall up, like a lot of men do,' La Bute says. He's able to show what's behind the hands held up ready to hit somebody, that there's someone who's in pain.' Eight hours later I am in a restaurant in south London, around the corner from the play's rehearsal space.