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October 13- December 2, 2017Friday October 13, 7-10 pm, opening reception Saturday October 14, noon-5 pm, open hours with artist-curator Ellen Schinderman Saturday December 2, Naughty Crafts Fair Center for Sex & Culture1349 Mission Street, SF Stitch - verb 1a : to fasten, join, or close with or as if with stitches b : to make, mend, or decorate with or as if with stitches Fe·tish noun 1 a : an object believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly : a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b : an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion : prepossessionc : an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression 2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers 3: fixation Stitch Fetish San Francisco, explores art of the stitch (a rite unto itself), revealing the fetishized secrets lurking in the minds of the artists.

Stitched works of erotica and titillation, dark fantasy and longing, of secrets never told, but long desired and works exploring sexuality, gender, and the intersection of the two find a happy (and often kinky) home in Stitch Fetish.

Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler joins forces with Jim and Elizabeth and unleashes her wrath on the couples. The couples are ambushed by a surprise game show on the first day of Boot Camp, revealing dark truths.

A secret affair is exposed while a disturbing twist sends one couple off the deep end and another packing.

After a fight with Reggie, Tami threatens to leave boot camp and meet up with her ex beau for a revenge romp. A spouse swap sparks drama: Tami confronts Hank, Travis blasts Kendra while Aubrey crosses the line.

Hank finally breaks his silence regarding his alleged infidelity with a transgender model in a gut-wrenching confession. Kendra questions her strength when Hank finally decides it's time to talk about his alleged liaison. Deathbed confessions rock the reality stars; Tami relives the past and Kendra pleads with Hank for the whole truth about the scandal that devastated their marriage.

Puppet therapy turns kinky when the stars get candid and expose their sex lives. Asifa and Bobby's heated fight leads to the biggest exit in Boot Camp history!

A brutally honest letter to widowed single mother Juelia comes back to haunt JJ.The reality stars must make the ultimate decision; to stay together or to call it quits.The results from the lie detector test spark doubt.Mehgan goes ballistic when De Andre crosses the line; Amina finds comfort in a stranger!

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The stars battle it out in a vicious game of blame throwing and are forced to carry their heavy burdens together. Kailyn and Javi war over infidelity and child support.The couples are ambushed by a shotgun wedding on the first day of boot camp.