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Academy, Garrett made Ward prove his emotional detachment by ordering him to kill his loyal dog Buddy. Finding the man who intended to buy the link, Ward disguised himself as a waiter and used an X-Ray Plate to copy the man's fingerprints off his wine glass before heading upstairs and using some stolen room keys to break into the man's apartment before using his fingerprints to activate a secret room hidden behind a false wall where he soon found the link. With Peterson failing to comply with the orders given to him by the S. He later took a higher position and aimed a sniper rifle at Peterson while Coulson tried to calm him down as Peterson furiously ranted about how S. They began discussing the ideals of the Rising Tide before they discussed the experience of being inside a war zone as Skye asked Ward about his own experiences of being in combat until Skye noticed that Ward had been shot during the firefight, although he insisted it was nothing to worry about. Ward responded by giving some details of his personal life and rough childhood to Skye, describing his so-called "defining moment" to her. When Skye completed her mission, allowing Ward and Coulson to infiltrate the compound, she used Ward's training to good effect when disarming Quinn. He used the key card Amador bought with the diamonds she stole to enter the Todorov Building in Minsk, Belarus.

Knowing that Vanchat intended to sell the neural link to an unknown buyer Ward was ordered to find and obtain the link as quickly and quietly as possible. As they located Skye's Van, Ward insisted that they move Peterson away from such a public location or simply kill him to protect others, claiming that Peterson was just a nobody who was now a major risk, although Phil Coulson insisted that they must try to save him. Coulson welcomed back May while giving orders to Ward to take aim at Peterson, although he insisted that he only fire if he had to, which Ward reluctantly agreed to. Taking some time to himself, Ward read the Matterhorn which had been recommended by John Garrett until he was visited by Skye. Coulson suggested a different, more personal approach. Hall in Malta, Ward objected when Skye volunteered to infiltrate the compound of Ian Quinn, citing the fact that she was not nearly qualified yet for such an operation. Ward wore these glasses and went on Amador's next mission.

Most every level across each game is designed to be replayed multiple times as their are multiple solutions to each kill.

Sure, you can shoot that target, but it feels a lot more gratifying to kill them by poisoning their food, dropping them off of a high place, or perhaps something more unique for the given situation.

Ward managed to escape many months later and rejoined HYDRA under Daniel Whitehall. and fulfill HYDRA's oldest goal: the return of HYDRA's ancient Inhuman leader to Earth. As they prepared to pack up the camp at leave for the S. Ward engaged in a brawl with Nahui and the other soldiers, knowing they would be targeting Melinda May and although he tried his best to protect the team, he soon discovered that Cusi had taken Fitz and Jemma Simmons hostage, threatening to cut Fitz's throat and forcing Ward and Coulson to surrender. Ward spoke to May about how he saw a way to learn more about Skye, thus removing any unknown element she might bring into the mix. As Ward left the building an alarm was triggered, and he fought his way out of the building.

If you're looking for the comic book by Garth Ennis that Crosses The Line several billion times, look no further! training, Ward was soon able to overpower and subdue all of Vanchat's bodyguards, using whatever items were nearby to his advantage, including hitting one man with a blender. Melinda May then appeared and explained that they had found the location of one of the Rising Tide's most prolific hackers, although Ward was more interested in the fact that May was part of the team, due to her legendary status as an agent of S. To gain Skye's trust and learn more about Centipede, Coulson and Ward came up with a plan to pretend to give Ward a truth serum and have him tell her some very low level intel about S. They then began working on their plan to subdue Peterson before he overloaded. agents asking him to surrender peacefully, he instead went on the run into Union Station, Ward gave chase and tried to subdue Peterson with a tight chokehold, explaining to him that the Extremis in his body was unstable and could kill everybody nearby if he was to explode. dealt with people like him, insisting that he was a good person who could be a hero like the Avengers. As tensions continued to rise due to the presence of the Peruvian 0-8-4, Ward argued with Leo Fitz about their actions during the mission and who was to blame for bringing the 0-8-4 onto the plane. Ward and Coulson investigated who had supplied the vehicles and equipment for the attack, leading them to a man who had been paid in gold. They spoke to an Innkeeper, who claimed that Amador had correctly sensed the woman had a tumor, making Amador's abilities more of a mystery. Fitz and Simmons traced a video signal that seemed to be Amador's point of view; they quickly realized that Amador was looking at them. As they explored the plane, Coulson revealed that the Bus used to be standard issue for new teams until the Helicarriers were created. Both Ward and Phil Coulson took charge of Skye's interrogation, with Ward accusing her of being an Avengers fangirl while she accused them of covering up the Battle of Puente Antiguo until Skye revealed that she was aware of Peterson's connection to an organisation known as the Centipede Project, which Ward claimed to not be aware of to hide his HYDRA connection. Ward looked on closely as Coulson confirmed that the explosion was clearly caused by a man who had overloaded on the Extremis that was in his body, spotting a Centipede Device that was locked onto his arm, which Jemma Simmons confirmed was highly similar to the Super Soldier Serum developed by Abraham Erskine during World War II. When Ward was informed by Phil Coulson that Skye would now be brought onto their team, he questioned the decision, claiming that Skye did not have what it takes to be a S. With this information in mind, Ward, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and Skye all backed away from the 0-8-4 together. The team investigated and Fitz and Simmons learned that the attack was caused by an element called Gravitonium, which could change the effects of gravity. Coulson and Ward retraced her steps and tried to locate her, arriving in Zloda, Belarus.As of June 2017, they are now an independent company. The series plays like a pastiche of spy and crime thrillers, blowing kisses at Ian Fleming, Michael Mann, and John Woo in particular.

Players are scored on stealth, so ideally, you should only kill your target(s) and depart without alerting anyone, just like a real assassin. ) you are discovered, or if you become addicted to the Ragdoll Physics, you can Rambo your way through everything in your path—but you won't escape the consequences if you leave a trail of bodies behind you. D., disguised as a Level 7 operative, he was abused as a child by his family. During the HYDRA Uprising, he killed Victoria Hand but still maintained his cover as a loyal S. They started a path in order to close their wounds and move forward that culminated in kidnapping Bobbi Morse, whom they considered responsible for Palamas' brainwashing. Grant Douglas Ward grew up in Massachusetts and had a difficult childhood. They continued Ward's weapons training as they went out to hunt deer at incredible range, sending Buddy out to collect the dead deer once Ward had killed it with his sniper rifle. When Ward went to thank Garrett for everything he had done for him, he was told not to thank him, as Garrett believed that he had done it all himself. They discussed their plan as May broke free by dislocating her own wrist before defeating Vilca and freeing Ward and the rest. Ward however suddenly found himself in danger of being sucked out of the plane as he lost his grip and fell towards the hole in the side of the Bus. After the mission, Ward played cards with Leo Fitz, who seemed strangely confident about his chances of beating Ward. was closing in on him while tracking down a leak that endangered the life of Hong Kong resident Chan Ho Yin.