Saveorupdate not updating

31-May-2019 02:00

Problem is that your model has only one field and it’s primary key.When you’re trying to update your entity you change key’s value in the form and thus hibernate doesn’t know which entity it should update and creates a new entity instead.I am not using a update clause, but assuming that save ORUpdate should work. OR Should I catch constraint Violation Exception and do a forced "update" clause instead ?flush() method just synchronization with the db and then you need to commit or clear the session to see the changes. It automatically flushes and you can see your changes from another session too.

If the object is already in the session with the same identifier, then it throws exception.

If you use string foreign key it would be difficult to update other tables, especially if they have lots of records.

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Because of its above behavior of persist method outside transaction boundary, its useful in long-running conversations with an extended These were some differences between save, save Or Update and persist method of Hibernate.

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All three method are related to saving Object into database but there behavior are quite different. Sql Exception Helper - Duplicate entry '1584034242' for key 'PRIMARY' org.hibernate.exception.