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She told me that I should relax and that college shouldn't only be about work and studying. Mom later told me that she met Jason at a book store.

He made small talk over a book that my mother pick up and ask her out on a date.

I'm Jason and I heard so much about you." Once he was finish he shook my hand. A nervous "Hello" escape my mouth while I was still trying to compute what I was seeing. If I had to guess he was an athlete and probably still spent weekends with friends playing basketball, flag football or something. Well make yourself at home because this is your home." As he said this he kiss my mother on the cheek and gave her a playful slap on her bottom. You girls catch up and tonight I will take you all out to eat." My mother giggle like a school girl and for the first time ever I saw lust in her eyes.

She watch Jason walk away and the look in her eyes was that of hunger. I could tell that she was happy and a different person than the mother I knew all my life. I had a friend in high school who email me time to time since we went off to college. She email me on how the diversity at Georgia State was different from where we grew up.

My mother's head move up and and down on his cock while Jason's hands massage her head.

I never would have guess my mother was a spectacular cock sucker.

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I might not be a model but I have no problem finding a man either. It's spring break and I'm going to visit my mother. I was still in a state of shock that she actually remarried. I remember before my parents she watch HGTV religiously. "I see that you made it safe and sound to our humble abowed. Jason had to at least be about 6'2 or 6'3 and from the look of his body you could tell he live in the gym.

Seeing my mother and Jason made me realize what has been missing in my life.

I said before I have no problem finding a man but the thing was I haven't been looking either. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the his other arm around my mother.

She tried to deep throat as much as she could of Jason's massive cock.

She wasn't getting far but that wasn't going to stop her.He went so far as to stick his tongue in her ass and fuck her with it. Jason hands grip her ass tighter as he force his long tongue deeper in my mothers ass. Oh my god she was rubbing her clit as Jason tongue fuck her. I would be lying if I didn't admit that there is a warm feeling growing between my legs. I can't believe the sight of my mother and her lover having sex is having this effect on me. My mother took Jason's huge cock in her mouth with no hands.

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