Radiometric dating half life formula

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What we’ll calculate is the energy gained by an object that starts at rest, is pushed by a force F(x) over a distance D, and moves from position x=0 at time t=0 to position x=D at time t=T.When we say the object started “at rest” we mean “v(0)=0”.If you want to learn intro physics then please, for your own sake, learn intro calculus .It is so much easier to talk about position, velocity, and acceleration (intro physics) when you can say “acceleration is the derivative of velocity and velocity is the derivative of position”.But it still has to gain the same amount of energy every meter it falls.Otherwise weight-powered clocks would act weird (a chain twice as long would yield only √2 as much energy).Ultimately, both momentum and energy are just names for numbers that can be calculated and for which the total never changes.That which we call momentum by any other name would be as conserved.

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Now imagine the weight free-falling that distance (instead of being slowly lowered).

In fact, figuring out this sort of thing is a big part of what calculus is for.

If it bothers you that energy doesn’t scale proportional to velocity, keep in mind that we’ve got that covered: momentum.

Strictly speaking, both actinium and lawrencium have been labeled as group 3 elements, but both elements are often included in any general discussion of the chemistry of the actinide elements.

Actinium is the more often omitted of the two, because its placement as a group 3 element is somewhat more common in texts and for semantic reasons: since "actinide" means "like actinium", it has been argued that actinium cannot logically be an actinide, even though IUPAC acknowledges its inclusion based on common usage.Worse, you would think that momentum would go up hand in hand with kinetic energy, when the formulas above instead show the latter going up much faster due to the exponent. I’m sure you can do some math to show why it has to be this way, but can you explain in non-math terms why kinetic energy and momentum behave this way? Gravity applies a constant force and thus a constant acceleration.

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