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Plentiful evidence shows that in their earliest cults, before they were subsumed under patriarchal pantheons as the wives, sisters and daughters of male gods, various female deities of the ancient Mediterranean world were indeed considered self-generating, virgin creatrixes." Dr.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, (1) "There is but one god and goddess, but many are their powers and names: Jupiter, Sol, Apollo, Moses, Christ, Luna, Ceres, Proserpinfa, Tellus, Mary. They should be hidden in silence as are the Eleusinian mysteries; sacred things must needs be wrapped in fable and enigma." Konrad Muth (1471-1526) As is the case with Jesus Christ himself, the godman's parents, Joseph and Mary, never appear in the contemporary historical record of the time they allegedly existed.

Hence, Buddha's mother, Maya, was depicted as transparent, as was the pregnant Mary, "as may be seen in Didron's Iconography!

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Hence, according to Near Eastern tradition there appeared a Jesus, son of Mary, over a thousand years prior to the Christian era.The infant Buddha, soon after birth, spoke to his mother, saying: 'I will put to an end to the sufferings and sorrows of the world.' As these words are uttered, a mystical light surrounded the infant Messiah." This mythical theme is not uncommon, as the birth through the side of the virgin was also claimed of Jesus by early Christian "heretics." It was likewise said that Julius Caesar was born through the "side of his mother," whence comes the term "Caesarean section." So too was the Egyptian sun god Ra "born from the side of his mother" (Bonwick, 107), a motif that reflects the relationship between the sun and moon.

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