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They broke up in 1959 when Alexander and Neutra disagreed over large-scale jobs. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence. Sold around 1994 to Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch who did a restoration.

"Certainly today all serious architectural students are aware of your tremendous contribution to both the fiber and spirit of the art, and almost all are in sympathy with the means you have used in giving your ideas form, even though our own incipient philosophies and forms may be directed in many different ways. Meyler's restoration efforts included replacing the roof; re-piping and re-plumbing; replacing the electrical system; reframing the living room and garage; installing new insulation in all walls and ceilings; replacing window glass; refinishing the concrete floor; and adding a six-foot wall around the property. Incredible mountain views and a pool set into a giant boulder. The original house had three bedrooms and two baths.

Schindler was just as happy not to put up with Lovell, and the project shifted to Neutra.

Also, Hyuk can boldly choose his life and search for his dream.

An agreement was made that Neutra would still design residential commissions within his own independent firm, while larger commercial and institutional commissions would be handled as Neutra and Alexander. The site became part of the horse farm which was later sold to developers.. Ain designed a kitchen remodel which was not built. Farrell sold it to a family who did awful alterations to break up the space into smaller spaces. Photos by Tony Kirk and David Royal., Lone Pine CA.

She looked almost exactly the same as she does now, with a little less weight, but the same perfect little Asian body that still drives me wild today.… continue reading »

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