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This happens in every case, except in the nominative. You can […] Read the Full Blog Post Plural Nouns Forming the plural of English nouns follows mostly the same pattern.

Here is […] Read the Full Blog Post German Prepositions A preposition is a word such as for, without or to. In most cases you have to add -s to the end of the noun.

Heute werden beide Begriffe in einem weiteren Sinn verwendet: Nichtspezifische Effekte einer medizinischen Behandlung werden als Placeboeffekte bezeichnet, wenn sie nützlich sind, und als Noceboeffekte, wenn sie schädlich sind.

Unter „Nocebo-Effekt“ versteht man Beschwerden und Symptomverschlimmerungen, die unter einer Scheinbehandlung und/oder durch gezielte oder unbeabsichtigte Suggestionen und/oder negative Erwartungen entstehen. Er kritisiert die von vielen Ärzten geäußerten „leichtsinnig dahergeredeten Verdachtsdiagnosen“.

Before going through this section you might want to watch the video that teaches these vocab with an interesting story.

You can now learn even more words […] Read the Full Blog Post The Indefinite Article What is an indefinite article?

The indefinite article in English is the word a which changes into an if the following word starts with a vowel. Here are some […] Read the Full Blog Post German Definite Article What is a noun?

For example: dog ⇨ dogs shop ⇨ shops There are some nouns in English that are irregular and do not follow this rule.

For example: mouse ⇨ mice […] Read the Full Blog Post German Weak Nouns German nouns can change according to their gender, case and number. Some German masculine nouns have a weak declension – this means that they end in -en, or if the word ends in a vowel, in -n.Prepositions show the relationship of a noun or pronoun to some other words and are usually placed before the noun or pronoun. For example: credit card ⇨ credit cards customer ⇨ customers There are some nouns in English that are irregular and do not follow this rule. You can […] Read the Full Blog Post Plants and Trees Here are some essential German words focusing on plants and trees.

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