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06-Aug-2019 22:55

This is similar to the argument people who were against LGBT marriage equality used when they said “technically” gay people could get married because they could marry a member of the opposite sex.While TECHNICALLY that was true, that doesn’t mean the law was not discriminatory, unfair, and oppressive.I am celebrating for all my friends who now have the right to marry, but I cannot celebrate for myself, because I still cannot get married.

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Today was a historic day for LGBT people as SCOTUS ruled to extend marriage to same-sex couples, and several transgender people born in states like Tennessee and Ohio, unable to marry because of their states refusing to change their gender marker on their birth certificates.

That choice has been taken from them because invariably they are going to choose life, food, medication, having help doing bodily functions, etc. It is a FACT that you don’t even have to be married to lose these services.