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30-Oct-2019 04:29

This is my second course and I found the instructors to be very bitter and hateful. I have a subject called healthcare and in this subject we are made to demonstrate before an instructor the things a health care provider does, like cleaning the ward, gloving, gowning, handwashing etc..I just found out from the higher years that at the end of the semester we are supposed to demonstrate how to do a sponge bath and enema!RRI received your book last week and want to thank you for a job well done on writing this book. I would love to visit you but I live in West Virginia. I am 51, disabled, blood clot in my leg, and two major back operations in the last two years. Regular colon hydrotherapy has been beneficial to me so I wanted others to hear my story: Back in the late 50s, I was visiting an aunt in Los Angeles who was a client of a colon therapist. She decided to return to nursing so I found a new therapist. I hope I can get some guidance tonight on detox for lead fumes.Last year I had 6 screws, 2 rods, and 2 plates put in my back. I started having trouble going to the bathroom so did some homework on the net. I did 5 colonics that week, did a detox for 7 days, then another colonic. Before the colonics I could hardly walk 1 mile; after them I am walking 5 miles a day. I was exposed for several hours in March and can see a direct influence on my overall health.I asked my friends in other nursing schools and found out that they had maniquins for these types of demonstrations. Isn't there a law against this or a government office I can complain to?

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sa mga sponge baths, studets are paired girls to girls or boys to boys, kung may shortage ng boys, 1 boy wil act as the patient and mga girls mag-sponge sa kanya.

hehehe Seriously, in fairness to your teacher, better wait for that day HE/SHE DOES REQUIRE you to perform an actual demo on each other. Medical and para-medical courses are so full of "hearsay"requirements that turn out to be a lot of bull in the end.

Yes "dummies" are used in most universities and colleges.

Your support and guidance has helped me to regain my health.

With diet and lifestyle changes, I am now cancer-free.During demonstration we are to pair off (by some type of name lottery) with some total stranger and let him/her strip you down and bathe you and then show the instructor your *** and insert a tube into it!

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