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22-May-2019 12:20

“Oh, Winston was so game throughout,” Rauch told Vulture recently in Los Angeles. He would even be like, ‘I think we should do another take of that.’” “And that was like the second or third day on set for me,” laughed Stan.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’m really gonna get to know these people better.’” So will the audience: While Stan is most famous for playing Bucky Barnes in the Captain America movies and Rauch has a steady job as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, The Bronze offers both actors a new way to cut loose, exemplified by the sort of graphic, over-the-top encounter you’d never see in their more family-friendly franchises.

She’s gonna rebel against that and eat whatever the hell she wants and say whatever she wants to say.” And bone whoever she wants to bone — though even Rauch, who’d planned to take part in a second sex scene, had her limits.

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