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15-Aug-2019 22:12

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After the Soviet Empire evaporated, the fortress was finally put forward for deactivation.These days, the site is an atmospheric obstacle course of hidden tunnels and forbidden entrances, watched over by the looming concrete towers.Opened as a training in ground in 1917, it upgraded to a weapons depot in 1921 then stayed that way right up until its untimely closure in 2000.In the years after the depot closed, the abandoned army base became a strangely gloomy place.That’s not to say the moors village wasn’t put to good use.In the aftermath of the war, the whole area was turned into a tank range.

Somewhere in the wilds of Germany sits this haunting, abandoned army barracks, a three storey building that seems to have been lifted straight from a classic horror movie.Although tracts of it were converted into a wildlife refuge, the presence of derelict and decaying buildings didn’t exactly bestow upon it the atmosphere of a natural Shangri-La.Chain link fences still stretch across roads, while heavy duty vehicles turn to rust on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.With the theatre of war now shifting to areas like the Middle East, many of those once-high security army bases are no longer needed.

The Berlin Wall has fallen, the Soviet Union has disintegrated and the days of fascism in Europe seem to be happily over.A series of impregnable defenses that were constructed along the Eastern French border, the Maginot Line was supposed to ensure France could never again experience the invasion that scarred it during World War One.

The property then belonged to Delclara Sleight, granddaughter of Naperville pioneer settler and real estate developer Morris Sleight, who inherited the land from her father Delcar in 1902 when only 9 months old.… continue reading »

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Just like a business couldn't "find and attract" the right candidate either if it didn't have a job description.… continue reading »

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In the twentieth century, dating was sometimes seen as a precursor to marriage but it could also be considered as an end-in-itself, that is, an informal social activity akin to friendship.… continue reading »

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