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She is upset when Johnny is brutally beaten up on New Year's Eve during a clash with Dennis.On New Year's Day 2006, Ruby thinks that Phil attacked him, unless it wasn't him.He is about to kill Grant when Jake Moon (Joel Beckett) shoots him instead and kills him.Ruby persuades Johnny to hand himself in, and then returns with Jake to Walford.Scarlet and their mother, Stephanie, died in the fire in March 2004.Ruby is livid when Johnny introduces her to his mistress Tina, who turns out to be the woman who had almost run her over, but later accepts the relationship.Later, Ruby learns from Stacey that Sean had kissed and slept with several other women while with her, and confronts him.She makes Sean vow to be true to her, but when she tells his mother Jean (Gillian Wright) that he is back in Walford, he angrily breaks up with her, throwing her father's ashes in her face.

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Lytton has since expressed a disappointment in her exit, but stated she will always be grateful for the role.However, she realises that she cannot trust him when she found herself questioning his phone calls.Ruby discovers that Johnny was an alcoholic in "Get Johnny Week" and she leaves him to Phil.Ruby finds out that her father had had a heart attack after an argument with Sean in prison.

On the day of Johnny's funeral, Ruby goes missing and Sean finds her, slumped behind the desk in the Scarlet office, with a bottle of vodka.

She and Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) have a heart to heart, and Grant discovers that Phil paid Juley to sleep with Ruby.