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I need to, um, do a few things over there." "Alright," Christian replied, relieved that he could finally have some privacy himself. Realizing that he was going to be embarrassed either way, Zach blushed and stood up, his fully erect package very obvious underneath his clothes. Then, not wanting his friend to feel ashamed, he continued, "Seriously, though, don't worry about it, man."I'll see you in a bit." Zach was just about to stand when he realized his dilemma - while he usually wore jeans which mostly concealed his boners, today he was wearing fairly flimsy shorts that weren't going to do anything to obscure his predicament. My dick is just as hard as yours right now." To illustrate his point, Christian also stood up and pushed his hips forward, accentuating the obvious bulge in his pants."Let's do it." Each boy stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, leaving them naked from the waist down.Both of their cocks were still fully erect and each felt a little bit nervous and more than a little bit excited about jerking off with someone else.Both had landed jobs at a nearby summer camp and were excited to start relaxing and bringing in some extra money.Both were 21 years old, did very well in school, and were both currently single.

While he definitely wanted to find a relationship to make him happy, he found that most of the girls that he ran into were pretty superficial and didn't share his same interests and values.

While neither guy identified with being bisexual, each had checked out their fair share of bi porn and had liked what they saw.

When each thought the other wasn't looking, they checked out each others' packages to compare them to their own.

[Please note: the characters in this story are fortunate enough to live in a world where STIs and unplanned pregnancies are not an issue. ] * "Oh my God, Jordan Capri is hot", Christian said absently as he stared as his computer screen.

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He and his good friend Zach were hanging out in his apartment on a warm Saturday afternoon, surfing some of their favorite porn sites."You know what, man," Zach said, pushing away from the computer screen.

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