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Now, some shows are set in environments where it might even seem forced to have any sort of ethnic diversity; this trope doesn't apply to these programs so much.For instance, the rarified world of the superwealthy that often dominates in Soap Operas really doesn't have many blacks or Hispanics (except as servants, and that might be a bit too much realism for your negative-publicity averse executive); likewise, the Chicago public-housing projects displayed in were pretty much all-black by the time the show aired in the 70s.Compare to White Male Lead in which, while the cast is ethnically diverse, the main character and Audience Surrogate is still white. Y'all is a normal part of speech so please don't act like I'm speaking Mandarin when I say it. If we're doing something in warm weather that's not attending a wedding and you expect me to dress up more than that, you better tell me in advance. I have ridden horses, but mostly just at summer camp. We drive cars with the radio turned up and the air conditioning on blast.8. The perfect day of tubing includes a cooler full of breakfast tacos, beer, and wine coolers. I have seen a news anchor try to fry an egg on a pan on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. So don't tell me you're hot when it's 87 degrees outside or I will laugh in your face.11. There is a dusty pair of cowboy boots in the back of my closet at my parents' house somewhere.Similarly, much of Europe was almost all-white until relatively recently (and many parts still are, especially in the East), and there are small towns in rural America that just don't have much in terms of diversity.In some countries, such as Japan or South Korea, ethnic homogeneity is practically state policy.

A story from the past showing, say, rich people and poor people socializing freely, or Catholics and Protestants getting along, or Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans actually not wanting to kill each other (as they did in countless Mob movies), is in a way this trope, at least if the diversity was the work's main theme and there was no reason for it to be more diverse still.

Where Monochrome Casting is most noticeable is in works where the characters are homogeneous in so similar that any differences among them effectively don't matter. Compare Humans Are White, a similar phenomenon in unrealistic works.

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