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26-May-2019 11:50

The NYPL’s internal superstructure implied the right way to merge the new with the old—respectful coexistence; Klein, in her new book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, calls to account the wrong way, as evinced in Iraq, Afghanistan, post-Katrina New Orleans, and other unfortunate locales.The timing of Klein’s book, whether intended or not, provides an apt corrective to The Age of Turbulence, the revisionist, self-serving new memoir by former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, whom Klein had debated on the Democracy Now! With all due respect to Hodge, that would have been the livelier face-off to cover, but, as with so much else these days, the Klein-Greenspan conversation was disembodied, providing little fodder for the ogling, ambulatory writer.

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First off, no line of punters snaked around the library, waiting for admittance.

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Her feelings for Kelce are real — much more real than “Catching Kelce,” she said — but they’re taking things slow.… continue reading »

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In a statement, Gavin Rossdale said Monday, August 3, that he and Gwen Stefani will "will no longer be partners in marriage." He went on to say that the couple will jointly raise their three children.… continue reading »

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