He s gay is dating a well known interior designer

07-Sep-2019 02:50

One by one, the suitors are eliminated until the heartthrob chooses one ideal man to sweep him off of his feet and commit to an exclusive relationship.The Bachelor - sorry, 'Prince Charming' - is Robert Sepulveda Jr., the owner of an award-winning interior design firm from Atlanta.

“I don’t want to have to worry about putting a glass down or whether I can put my feet up on the coffee table.” This commitment to function explains why he coated the coffee table in his living room in marine varnish—a finish traditionally used to protect wooden surfaces on boats.

A few drinks later and motivated by the handsome chaps around me, I finally gave in and gave it a download. this might be different.” I opened Chappy up and was greeted by a handsome guy sitting on a ledge.

), I got to decide what I was in the mood for with the Chappy sliding scale. Still, we got some good dates out of it and, to my surprise, I actually had a lot of fun (and it even got me to slide that scale over to Mr.

From doctors and lawyers to techies and artists of every color, shape, and size, real guys looking for the same thing suddenly appeared on my screen. A few hours later, I found myself venturing out into Hell’s Kitchen to meet my first Chappy date for a marg (win-win for me).

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It Was Time To Swipe I immediately noticed something —the guys weren't masking themselves. (Margaritas) Right Now My first match happened on my walk home from work.“It looks shiny and fancy, but you could probably tap dance on it and it wouldn’t scratch.” He also used stain-resistant outdoor fabrics on the chairs in the dining and breakfast rooms, which guarantees there won’t be an international crisis if someone comes in from the backyard pool and plops down for lunch in a wet bathing suit.