Global dating revolution

02-May-2019 11:30

The fact of a long Pause is an indication of the widening discrepancy between prediction and reality in the temperature record.

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The reason for NOAA’s statement is that there is supposed to be a sharp and significant instantaneous response to a radiative forcing such as adding CO2 to the air.The steepness of this predicted response can be seen in Fig.1a, which is based on a paper on temperature feedbacks by Professor Richard Lindzen’s former student Professor Gerard Roe in 2009.On the questioners’ side it is rational: on the believers’ side it is a matter of increasingly blind faith.

The New Superstition is no Technical note Our latest topical graph shows the least-squares linear-regression trend on the RSS satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere dataset for as far back as it is possible to go and still find a zero trend.

Figure 1a: Models predict rapid initial warming in response to a forcing. The current el Niño, as Bob Tisdale’s distinguished series of reports here demonstrates, is at least as big as the Great el Niño of 1998.