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She stepped into her shiny black, four inch heels and smiled winningly. " Smedley Hargreaves, who only had to zip up after she licked him clean, had watched the reverse striptease with interest. They apparently put on quite a show for the tourists." "Um, is that safe? According to the travel agent, it's just a bunch of sadists and masochists that put on a show. A broad black elastic band around her head served as a very effective blindfold. The small cell smelt strongly of chicken noodle soup, which was simmering on a hot plate in the corner. "I would be honoured if you spat in my drink first, ma'am!

He liked his loan applicants kneeling naked with their mouths around his cock. "Smedley says that it's a nation-wide contest, but his bank has had two other winners already. "Hey, just because we're not fashion models doesn't mean that were not totally ravishing! I had some construction workers tell me that only the other day! Nikki hadn't eaten in a day and a half, but the acne scarred matron graciously allowed her to smell the soup. " A shotglass of nice cool water was poured from a pitcher and held to Nikki's parched lips. The matron licked Nikki's ear and whispered into it. The shotglass of water had merely whetted her deep and obsessive thirst, firing it to new levels. " Nikki heard the sound of a nice phlegmy gob spat into water.

If we were knife blades, you would be a metal blade and I would be a ceramic blade! Nothing to do with sexual harassment, which is your problem right now. She emitted a sharp shreik when he dived between her legs, burrowing like a rabid weasel as he rammed eight inches of stiff gristle into her well-oiled cunt and bunny-fucked her, humping fast and hard.

"Put your lips tightly together, Becky." Becky tightened her lips, holding the remains of her panties inside her mouth while Smedley pressed the tape against her lips and wrapped the broad clear tape around her head several times to seal in the goodness. Lovely Nikki whimpered in horror as the first soldier dropped his drawers.

She clamped her hand over the deep cut as Smedley moved like a cat behind her and held the white blade, dripping crimson, to her throat. "Summon security and I'll slice her throat open with one smooth easy stroke! " Lillith's fingers retreated hastily from their proximity to the button under her desk as Becky whimpered in Smedley's grasp. He pulled up on the stockings so that each ankle was pulled up along it's side of the chair and fastened them to the back. She was pinned on her back, spread-eagled and fully exposed.

Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the bright red, arterial blood spurting from her shoulder. Unfortunately for Becky, this was the moment Lillith decided to bluster. " Becky let out a small squeal as he jabbed the blade into her other shoulder. He pulled a pair of stockings out of the briefcase and tied one around each of Rebecca's shapely ankles. " Rebecca went ballistic, shreiking at fuckhead Lillith to shut up through her gag. An invasive army of hands delved in the moistness between her legs, squeezing her tits and fondling her bum as she was carried, screaming and squirming, to the bed.

' He opened the door to Lillith's private bathroom and shower. You wait silent as the tomb while Becky and I go into this cozy w.deal with her cut! Sit facing the corner and think about how you can make good. He waved the knife blade in front of Rebecca's terrified eyes. A ceramic blade is no good in a knife fight, for it shatters easily, but for carving the meat it can't be beat. " He untucked her blouse and slit it open all the way down the back. One by one, he pulled up her bra straps and cut them. " Lillith, who couldn't see what was happening behind her, was terrified into silence. Smedley spoke softly to Becky, who stood trembling in her stockings and high heels, clasping the shreds of her blouse and bra to her chest as she clutched her bleeding upper arms. Staring at him with huge, frightened eyes, she offered no resistance as he tugged away her blouse and bra so he could see all the goodies. I know you've seen all that she has to offer, but it's the first time for me. She peeled them down her long, muscular legs revealing that, like a lot of executives, Lillith put in some serious time working out at the health club. He looked forward to seeing a demo in Hamburg soon. The acne-scarred matron, deeply satisfied with the experience of sweating a pretty American, extracted the electrodes with some difficulty from Nikki's tightly clamped orifices. Her nipples were unclamped from the alligator clips. She sobbed in relief as the leather thong holding them was cut and then screamed in anguish as feeling returned with a vengeance.

A lovely asian girl, Michelle was intimately familiar with Smedley's methods. " Michelle looked anxiously at the letter clutched in Smedley's hand. Smedley was always catching her out in small errors. Smedley told everyone that he was 'firm, but fair'. I hired you over them because I felt sure that you would always do the right thing. Thin red lines appeared across both cheeks as the cane kissed her bare bum. Demonstrating the complete range of his sensitivity, Smedley handed her a kleenex to dry her tears and blow her nose as she pulled up her knickers. Nikki had tried to hold it in but, at last, had been force to piss herself, the dark yellow urin running down her shapely legs and forming a puddle at her feet. It rams home the realization that she's just a piece of dog vomit." Nikki gasped as the broomstick handle penetrated her quivering quim as deeply as possible.

The only sounds were the vicious snap of the cane across Michelle's smoothly rounded buttocks followed by a sharp intake of breath as Michelle swallowed the pain. Smedley lifted both cheeks with a sharp cut upwards for his final blow. Gingerly, she touched her inflamed rump with her fingertips. "Nothing like a mild paddling to help you understand! " Chapter 2 - Travel Plans Her partner, Penny, was waiting for Nicole in the coffee shop. " Her friend Penny thought that Nicole was a miracle worker, a silver tongued orator when it came to persuading Mr. Two turds lying on the floor behind her proved that her attempt at bowel control was no more successful than her attempt at bladder control. Nikki cursed, swore and struggled futilely as she experienced rape at the hands of a knowledgeable woman.

To correct this mistake, all you have to do is select the English spell checker and reprint it! You'll never make that mistake again." Michelle rubbed her burning buttocks ruefully. Penny gushed, blissfully ignorant of lovely Nicole's dick slurping. Nikki whimpered and quivered continuously, a whipped dog. "I want to hear you scream, newswoman." Nikki swallowed hard. The acne scarred matron kept pumping it in and out, twisting it around inside her until Nikki began sobbing brokenly.

Becky got down on her knees under the desk, buried her face in Lillith's muff and began probing with her tongue, teasing Lillith's clit out of hiding. Dyke Lillith was getting her rug chewed by baby faced Becky. Always impatient, Lillith decided to stop the foreplay. We've had complaints from female customers about sexual harassment! For the next few rapes, she would be gasping for air, her lovely torso heaving delightfully, bare breasts scrubbing exciteingly against her rapists chests. Her breasts were bruised and swollen where strong, brutal fingers had dug in, squeezing and crushing.

Looking at the two freshly scrubbed beauties, he instantly knew why his sensitive nostrils had gone on full alert. " Sitting slightly behind him on a higher chair, taking notes, Becky rolled her eyes comically. Most of the staff have gone home, so I'll cut it short as I'm sure Rebecca wants to go home as soon as possible." Becky smiled pleasantly at this consideration, although privately thinking that it was just because Lillith was always horny after a good firing and wanted to cum in her face a few more times. "You appear to have grasped a few opportunities that you shouldn't have, Hargreaves! Periodically, a fist would be hammered into her diaphragm. Becky went deathly still as he rested the sharp tip of the stiletto blade against the underside of her breast where it met her chest. "I think Becky's suffered enough, but it's up to you. They're going to be stars of The Midnight Tour." Lillith had no clue as the what The Midnight Tour was, but she was willing to bet that Shannon and Ashley would hate it. "As my friend Father Mulcahy would say: it seems to be my job these days to convert the Lesbyterians to the Whorish faith! Once I do that, do you think that you can remove every stitch of clothing without making a peep? It's beginning to look like Lillith's a bit shy in front of a man. " Becky shook her head and glared fiercely at stupid, reluctant Lillith. Big breasts with dark red nipples shimmered liquidly as she shrugged off her bra and put it on the desk. Another pair of stockings came out of Smedley's briefcase and her ankles were tied back along either side and fastened to the back of the chair. Nikki, a delectable morsel, flushed prettily and squirmed uncomfortably. He gently stroked her cuntlips and rubbed her rectum. Nikki whimpered in terror as her slim gold earrings were removed from her pierced ears and two copper wires were threaded through in their place.