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Then I apologized and told him that I was completely in the wrong to insinuate that about his daughter. He said he understood where that comment came from and that (remarkably) he didn’t take it personally. Thankfully, no other coworkers were within earshot (this happened in a conference room while waiting for some other coworkers to join us), and I don’t work with clients or customers anyway. I thought the word was normal and commonly used, because that’s how it was at home (the exact quote I blurted out was screamed at me countless times at home and I was called a whore several times a day by my teachers). To all of those saying my behavior is not Christian or that I am not a “true Christian”: I am well aware that Jesus was a friend of prostitutes, but Jesus is not all there is to Christianity. Also, I just wanted to say, I did not feel attacked at all by the comments. It appears some commenters think criticism of Christianity is an “attack” or “bashing,” but this is not so. I’m sorry you had that word screamed at you ever, let alone so frequently — that’s horrible and must have been a very difficult way to grow up.” She replied: “It was a difficult way to grow up *at the time*, but it kept me in line, and thus led me to become a better adult. (But we’ll probably disagree on that.)” While I do indeed disagree, I am deeply impressed with letter-writers who handle disagreement from a mob of strangers with this much grace.… continue reading »

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It feels like they're consciously trying to turn this property into a slum with how they approach making basic fixes that should be done annually, at minimum. Let you come home during the weekend, or a holiday or after office hours is closed; EVERYONE THROWS TRASH ON THE GROUND AND TRASH BAGS ON THE GROUND! I've complained and complained but they never did anything to enforce it! I even asked for a rent decrease or a discount because of the conditions I had to endure living back there. Also, the walls are so thin if you live on the bottom floor all you hear is your neighbors walking around above you all hours of the night! it's embarrassing to bring visitors to your home sometimes.… continue reading »

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Now, I had been with a few guys but they always came to my apartment.… continue reading »

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Pour les besoins d'un tournage de publicité se déroulant à Angers le samedi 6 Janvier prochain, nous sommes à la recherche des profils suivants:- deux garçons entre 8 et 12 ans- un autre garçon de 6 à 10 ans- une fille entre 16 et 18 ans Pas de rémunération, mais le défraiements du transport et du repas est pris en compte.… continue reading »

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