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Under this idea, the kids could enjoy 4th of July every year at mom's family's summer camp, host dad's family for turkey and football on Thanksgiving and continue going to church on Christmas Eve with their maternal grandparents.The parents could still alternate the Christmas overnight, but maintain a consistent, fixed schedule for the remaining holiday time.Sex Offender Search is a service provided free of charge to help you search for and find sexual predators in your area, locate sex offenders maps and sex offender registries in the United States.

Granville presumption that a fit parent acts in their child’s best interests.

I had a client suggest an idea that I thought was brilliant.

Instead of alternating, each parent would have set holidays.

This standard applies whether the guardianship was contested or uncontested.

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With this change, a fit parent who agrees to a guardianship because of the parent’s substance abuse or dependence will have the same standard for terminating the guardianship as any parent whose children are under guardianship over their objection.

At first glance, this change appears ripe for constitutional challenge.