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23-Apr-2019 20:06

Such information may be requested when You are asked to register for fee-based services, although some free products and services may also request or require registration.

For example, We may request personal information from You when You create an account, download an application or content through the Accu Weather Sites, upload content (e.g., photos, videos) to the Accu Weather Sites, subscribe to e-mail newsletters or other content made available by the Accu Weather Sites, or report a problem with Your account or the Accu Weather Sites.

Such other elements may include sign up screens, contests, data input and tracking, and other interfaces currently or in the future of use in the digital industry.“Online Behavioral Advertising,” also referred to as “OBA,” which is also sometimes called “interest-based advertising,” uses information collected across multiple web sites that You visit in order to predict Your preferences and to show You advertisings that are most likely to be of interest to You.“Privacy Statement,” refers to this statement and is specifically limited to the actual statements and wording contained herein and does not include things that may be inferred herefrom.

If there is a lack of clarity or coverage, interpretation or use, We have the right, in Our sole discretion, to interpret the nature of the rights hereunder.

Please note that this Privacy Statement shall apply to You regardless of whether You access the Accu Weather Sites directly, whether the Accu Weather Sites are made available to You by a third party, or whether You access the Accu Weather Sites by other means.

This Privacy Statement shall take precedence over any conflicting terms published by a third party that You may have accepted (or in the future be required to accept) in connection with Your access or use of the Accu Weather Sites.

By using the Accu Weather Sites, You acknowledge and consent to such activity.

To provide location-based and contextual advertisements, location related products and services, and other things that may benefit from knowing or inferring Your location, Accu Weather and Providers utilize certain geographic tracking technologies that may collect, use, and/or share precise location data (such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device) or information that may be used to approximate a location (such as, but not limited to, a cell ID or IP address), including the real-time geographic location of Your computer or mobile device.

You should be aware that the fact that You turn off location services may not mean that all location identifiable technologies are turned off.Our personalization, interactive communications, online commerce, targeted or contextual advertising, data access or accumulation, location tracking and services, receipt of device transmitted information, and other types of activities and services, allow us to deliver better service and content We believe is relevant to Our user base and You.

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