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“I’ve thought a lot about investing in Mass Construction. Even if we ran into some backlash, I don’t think it would be significant. Now that there’s a link, they’re going to reopen the cases and look at them with fresh eyes.

I just have one concern: will the issues surrounding Bev hurt your business? Our clientele tends to think in terms of getting the best-built home, not the politics of my wife.” “What do you think? “I think the police shooting was a travesty and I can see why people are upset. What I can’t do is throw all the police under the bus because of one idiot. They’ll run the DNA found through the database and hope for a match. Unless they get more evidence, it’s all just circumstantial. “My eventual opponent in the general election is a jerk. A couple went into some offices and shot a bunch of people. He’s all up in arms that I don’t have any plans to combat terror in the state.

I knew Mom talked to Rita, Halle’s mom, and there had been some comments that made me suspect that she talked to Ruth Pearson, Zoe’s mom. “We’ll have the band go on stage half an hour before the senator and governor go on. Let’s get you fed first and then you can get changed. The only person that might have known was Halle, and even then, she would have had to have either Fritz or Trip tell her. When she figured out who she was, Brook took her off for some girl-talk. Being shy, I grabbed the mic and went to the center of the stage. The stage was pushed back to give people room if they wanted to be in front of the stage. If not, it’s in theaters right now,” I said with an unapologetic plug. I went back out front to do my signing and photo job. Max was ecstatic and let the girls play for an extra fifteen minutes. There were a lot of students down on the floor to get close to the band. Her smile was worth any grief I would get from Max. They both gave me a startled look, but this wasn’t their first rodeo. You’ll be sharing a room when we can, to save some money. Second, we’ll have the band play, and then the governor and senator will speak, along with a couple of other local candidates. She directed me to the highway and we started our trek to probably my favorite city.

Brook leaned forward and smacked me in the back of the head. Northern Illinois University is home to twenty-two thousand students and was located in De Kalb, 65 miles from Chicago. I guess we should get inside so I can walk you through everything,” Max said, and he walked into the arena. I saw several tables set up with a voter registration sign above them. The governor has asked if you wouldn’t mind playing MC, introduce the band, and then once they’re done playing, introduce all the guests. Could I have your keys so we can get the photos and any luggage you might need? “I’ll just go out with them and help,” I suggested. I pointed out Max to Angel so she could get the band’s equipment set up. I would guess there were probably close to three thousand people there. Governor Higgins found me finishing my job of taking pictures and handing out photos to registered voters. I convinced him to take one with Ian, Ava and Brook. I have to say that the band played a great version of the song. We’ve arranged for you to be able to spend fifty dollars a day at the hotel. Three will be at universities: University of Chicago, Loyola and De Paul. We’ll pack up the band and everyone working the first part of the event, then go to the next college, and repeat the process. Granted, LA had better weather, and there was a lot to be said for New York. I know it was stereotypical, but Midwesterners were much more polite than New Yorkers and had a better work ethic than people from LA.

They had staff waiting on us to help take our bags to our rooms. I debated whether to go to the governor’s suite or not, but curiosity got the better of me.

I surrendered my car key and followed everyone to the lobby to get our room keys. I was ushered in and saw the governor was in another room, deep in conversation with his staff and the senator. She would be with us for all the events tomorrow and even the one Sunday. We’ve not really talked about this issue ourselves,” Bev said.

“This is David Dawson, Davey Dawson’s grandson.” “Did you bring photos to hand out? Caryn had me bring several big boxes of Stryker photos and a handful of Sharpies. If someone signs up or can produce a voter registration card, they can meet either the band or David. Dakora had stepped up and paid for me to wear their clothes this weekend. I attacked the salad bar and loaded up on peel ‘n’ eat shrimp. I saw that Angel followed our lead with the band’s equipment van.

Tyler seemed to figure out how to make everyone a little cash for things like this. While I was eating, I saw Hana, Riley, Amy and Jett show up with Angel. “Get some, it’s not bad,” I said as I hugged all the girls. We came to the entrance of the hotel’s parking garage and were ushered in.

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I might start local and see what we could do to keep the yahoos from Eastside out of our town. I think they all might have suspected something, but at the moment I didn’t care. ” “You first,” I said as I flopped on the bed and gave her a smirk. Even if they do, I plan to spend a lot of time with you doing fun things. Since my freshman year I’ve been away for Christmas and spring break, working.

This is the continuation of the award winning Stupid Boy saga. I find most of it is raising funds for the next election. I hear some of the Pacific islands are great places to go. I guess I’m making sure people know where to go.” “You should be good at that,” I said with a straight face. I could tell all the girls that you’re single and looking.” “I am single and looking,” I said with a big smile. The band had just as many fans, except their fans were all guys. When there was a lull, Angel came over and got her picture taken with me. I’d been given a page of his accomplishments, which I recited from memory. From there, I was done, because the senator would introduce Governor Higgins. My cell number’s in the packet if you need anything.” Max let us go at that point.

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