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7330 wrecked in takeoff accident at Longview, Alaska Nov 14, 1942 and DBR. 24880 to F-13 24881 to F-13 24882 (504th BG, 421st BS) shot down by Japanese fighter and crashed at Nagashima Mie, Japan Jul 22, 1945 while on mission to Kawasaki aircraft factory at Kagamihara, Japan. 63361 (CCTS, 236th BU) damaged by weather while parked at Pyote AAF, TX Aug 26, 1944. 42-63381 Bell-Atlanta B-29-5-BA Superfortress 63366 (236th CCR) damaged at Pyote AAF, TX when it had a mechanical failure Feb 10, 1945. 72662 (MSN 10767, 374th TCG, 6th TCS) crashed near Pyongyang AB, Korea Nov 19, 1950 due to engine fire after takeoff. Flew 123 missions in Korea and destroyed a total of 5 Mi G fighters. with 46th/72nd RS "The Forlorn Turkey" aka "The Clobbered Turkey", crashed into hillside Dec 23, 1947 95 mi N of Nome, AK (east slope of Hot Spring mountain). Crashed into Lake Mead, NV during research flight July 21, 1948. The flight was for a secret missile guidance system that allowed navigation by tracking of the Sun. 21856 to B-29F electronic reconnaissance aircraft used in Arctic conditions.

7331 hit tree at Kodiak, Alaska Sep 5, 1942 and DBR 7332 to RFC at Ontario, CA Mar 20, 1945 7333 to reclamation at Brookley Field, AL Sep 20,1945 7334 (MSN 15B-219) Conv to P-39F-2-BE; w/o at William Northern AAF, TN. 63362 (58th W, 462nd BG, 770th BS, "Hull's Angel") 63363 (40th BG, 395th BS, "Marietta Misfit") shot down Dec 7, 1944 while bombing Manchuria Airplane Manufacturing Company and an adjacent arsenal at Mukden, China. 63367 (1st VHBS, 9th BHBG) w/o when crew bailed out Dec 11, 1944 16 mi W of Pratt, KS 63368 (875th BS, 498th BG) damaged in landing accident at Wichita MAP, KS Jun 7, 1944. Registration N20911 cancelled Oct 12, 2004 as sale reported 1978. The fuselage and nose on display at the USAF Museum marked as 44-87657 are actually 44-62139. 44-87733 Boeing B-29-86-BW Superfortress MSN 12487/12536 87695 used for explosives testing before being scrapped at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ 87703 seen at NWF China Lake, CA in mid 1950s. Crew of 5 was able to scramble away before the plane sank. A low pass over calm water with pilot error put it into the lake. 21857 (MSN 13751) modified to EB-29 status for upper atmosphere research.

7148 pilot bailed out in Brown River area of PNG Jul 4, 1942. 7150 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7151 condemned Feb 9, 1944 7152 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7153 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7154 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7155 lost in combat Jun 3, 1942 7156 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7157 to RAAF as A53-3. 72697 (MSN 10802) to US Navy as Bu No 87759 72698 (MSN 10803) crashed after takeoff Fassberg, Germany Dec 5, 1948. 72700 (MSN 10805/DC536) allocated to Task Force 1.5.4 to support the Crossroads atomic bomb tests. Assigned to 509th Composite Group Reported late 1946/early 1947 at Roswell Army Air Force Base, NM, as operational 86431 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons.

Surveyed Dec 10, 1943 7131 surveyed at Ephrata AB, WA Aug 7, 1944 7132 condemned Mar 23, 1943 7133 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7134 to RAAF as A53-2. To reclamation at Spokane, WA May 29, 1945 7135 stalled and crashed on landing at Wayne Co, MI Jan 28, 1942. 86392 was able to land safely at Kadena, but all crew of 61908 were killed.

Bombed Tokyo, landed 40 mi N of Vladivostok Apr 18, 1942. Has now been moved to and is fully assembled at the Smithsonian's Steven F. 86295 (307th BW, 372nd BS) damaged by Mi Gs and landed at K-14 Oct 23, 1951. 86327 (98th BG, 343rd BS) shot down Jun 1, 1951, North Korea 86328 (19th BW, 28th BS) crashed on takeoff from Kadena AB, Okinawa Sep 15, 1950. Stripped of parts and used for a major rescue training exercise at Bermuda Mar 21, 1949 when floated out into Castle Harbour to simulate a ditched aircraft. 86343 (307th BW, 371st BS) shot down by AAA Sep 13, 1952 over Suiho Hydroelectric Plant, Korea.

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