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This is the only balance transfer credit card that offers this service.The Finish It feature is similar to Split It, but it covers the entire card balance.The Chase Slate card offers a 0% introductory rate for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers.If you have the excellent credit required to obtain this offer, you’ll find both 0% rates to be some of the best available.What sets the card apart, however, is that there is no balance transfer fee for balance transfers within the first 60 days of account opening.

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And Chase has tools that will calculate this information for you online.You can set up a maximum payment for Full Pay, with any overage going into your regular account.And if you can make a Full Pay payment in any given month, your account will still remain in good standing so long as you make the minimum payment due on time and comply with the other terms and conditions of the card.This can help consumers correct those factors hurting their score. Blueprint is a feature introduced by Chase to help cardholders better manage their accounts.

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With Blueprint, you have four different options that may prove very helpful: With Full Pay, you can select those categories of purchases that you will pay off in full each month.

With Finish It, Chase Blueprint will help you devise a plan to pay off the entire balance on the credit card.

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