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11-Sep-2019 08:08

Just because you don’t see it this very moment, doesn’t mean it isn’t lurking on the margins.

This same moment (in history) the American thinking classes are lost in raptures of techno-wishfulness.

They can imagine the glory of watching on a phone in a self-driving electric car, but they can’t imagine rebuilt local economies where citizens get to play both an economic and social role in their communities.

They can trumpet the bionic engineering of artificial hamburger meat, but not careful, small-scale farming in which many hands can find work and meaning.

The average cluck watching Musk’s TED-like performance on the web was supposed to think he could power his home with it. Such as: you need the rooftop solar array to feed the battery.

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The built-up tensions and fragilities are begging for release.Another result will be the interruption of oil export supply lines.

This does not mean that the application is particularly un-stable (although making backups is always good practice) or only usable for linux gurus.… continue reading »

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