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I think the saffron or something deeper keeps the musk anchored, but again I can't fault it for that cause I usually hate musk. I put it on during rainy cold fall/winter in Michigan, but I also didn't leave the house. I have tried Eau Emotionelle, and I DO see how that is a light EDT of this. I recently bought a huge (200ml) bottle for a really reasonable price, without testing.

It is quite strong, and I think if I tried to wear it out in public it would seem a little out of place, I don't have the strong willed sassy attitude I think is required for such a straight on scent that may or may not offend the people close by. I could end up loving it, or just being "meh" about it. I was always wondering about this one, but I never really dared to go for it, then I read all the reviews here, and got even more confused and discouraged..

The composition starts strong and sharp with a spicy note of saffron. Some of You wrote that it even smells like a wet cigarette. I think vetiver and saffron are to "blame" for the wet cigar smell (I love it though, it's awesome). There's not a single note of sweetness to it that are reminescent of todays bestseller fragrances.

Warm floral notes of magnolia, Indian jasmine and gardenia blend together with strong woodsy-chypre scent. Not only in 2000 when it had it's premiere it wasn't fitting trends (aquatics, gourmand, orientals) but it still now doesn't fit any trends (even more sweeter gourmands, lighter perfumes, greens). This is a little, weird pink egg with something outstanding inside. Cedar gives the impression of smokiness or incense. After Angel it's becoming even worse and worse - there are gourmand bombs everywhere. If You want something very different but in a way familiar, super ballsy, loud and smart about it try AP. Full of individuality and very retro-chypre-inspired. ps It's funny how I think people long for more ambicious perfumery.

Like a dramatic cocktail ring or chandelier earrings, or patent leather stiletto boots. It doesn't match what I'm wearing today, and I'm feeling that acutely.

Not to say that this can't be a day fragrance, but that it has to be *that* kind of day. Because some days are patent leather stiletto boot days, and other days are cardigan days.

I loooove vintage Miss Dior, any Guerlain, old chypres, etc... Because of how dry and vetiver-woodsy-centric this is on my skin, I've found it to be a perfectly inoffensive scent for daywear and the office, which seems somewhat contrary to all the sexualized ad copy for this scent.

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I was very excited, like a kid opening her first Xmas present! But this one particularly so, as I read so many good reviews about it. It is not a flowery perfume and there is nothing sweet about it.

There is very animalistic amber and musk notes in the base. To sum it up easy - it's a rose scent with some wood and smoke to it. I thought about it a lot and it really is a very retro perfume. It's almost unimaginable to think of something non-sweet in terms of "sexy" or "seductive" or "feminine". It brings back memories of Paloma Picasso, Mitsouko, Bandit, Chanel 19. There's always a perfume like AP, that doesn't fit any trend of it's time but somehow is super-popular despite it... If you're looking for a heavy hitting rose scent this one can't be faulted.