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08-Jul-2019 08:37

There are some networks that even require HD cams and won’t accept models with stock laptop webcams.

You’ll need a digital copy of your photo ID to prove that you are eighteen years or older.

Even with these safeguards in place, it’s never 100% secure.

For example, if you start any social media handles under your camming alias, that’s going to be public and accessible to anyone regardless of the region.

Same thing with your website and other internet profiles. You can add extra safeguards like wearing a wig (make sure it’s a high-quality wig and doesn’t look fake! Throwing off your look can be a great ploy when trying to be discrete if it’s done right.

Now that all the homework above has been taken care of, it’s time to actually register for a network and start camming.

Some networks only require one form of ID, while some networks require multiple forms of ID.

There might be some additional verification step required, such as submitting a photo of you holding your ID (to make sure it’s you) or holding a sign with your camming username. This should be a clean place (clutter is distracting) where you can perform uninterrupted.

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It’s a good idea to have “mini-goals” that work your way to performing the actual show. If you gave everything away for free, nobody would ever give you tips.Always go by your stage name and never give out your real identity.

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