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Dont know if I can post my website so feel free to email me. I did tapping a few times with my palm but it didn't worked. Then I checked the lens to see if they were stuck (the lens would not open). Allan Masison Fri, 0000 Don't give up or get too scared tapping and dropping that camera! Chi Chi Tue, 0000 Maitha same problem, tried the solution, perfect!!!! I tapped it a few times on my hand as I was turning it on, when it would do the open-shit thing with the lens, and it started working! Stefani Tue, 0000 Had to really slam the puppy with lens in and out, on and off. Hit it with the palm of my hand about 30 times as well. After about 10 minutes of frustration and reading all the posts on this page, it finally worked. Bezvlw Jeeh Thu, 0000 the tapping did not do it for me. Looks like the only thing that is gonna work is slam it down on concrete, throw pieces in trash and buy a new one. I'm so happy I found this page because it works now. Just paid for diagnostics, charged the battery and tapped away, on the palm of my hand, on a sofa arm and on my leg. I guess the shock has to be timed right for the lens position. Tried very, very gently pulling the lens counter clockwise upon startup. This is what worked like a charm from: basically, turn the camera on; and pull out the battery. Susan Tue, 0300 This happened with my camera on my honeymoon - we immediately went out and bought a new cybershot, which I've been grumbling about for the last 10 months (the old one took WAY better pictures). I came across this site and was very relieved to hear the sucess stories. the lens are still not working and the error message still shows up. But one person on here gave advice to grab the lens and turn it as it goes in, and after hurting my hand in trying beat the lens out of it, that worked! I did tapping and it works fine..have saved me Rs.2500/- . The simplest repair guide ever...thanks :)Dan Fri, 0400 Holy smokes, I've been putting off trying to fix this for several months assuming it was some complex 'reset' process or 'download-analytze-install-configure' process (good thing my old Kodak still works great). Thanks Ray Wed, 0400 I tried tapping it for a while and got so frustrated. I think there might be some other problems with my camera since it's a bit old, but it did the trick. Cassie Tue, 0400 Scratch that, it works perfectly!! Cassie Tue, 0400 Yeah i also got the same problem with my DSC- W220. at first nothing happened and then I switched it off and whacked in my hand thoroughly and hit the from of the camera too.. thanks for your Thu, 0400 Thanks a lot guys....... I came across this piece of advice and just like everyone else it really did work! When I looked closer at the lens I noticed it was pointing downwards. Thanks Again.roney12Thu, 0400 I revised my camera after following JJ post. Maybe a bad electrical contact; so may microscopically small contact inside. After a recent 0 estimate to repair - I was in deep despair over my Sony Cyber-shot G - a little workhorse of a camera. HIT IT HARDER ON THE KNEEPatrick Kimanzi Fri, 0300 Thank you very much Maitha! BE AWARE DO NOT BANG TO HARD *LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE*Lexusberry Wed, -0800 Please stop banging your camera. But the reason you get that message is because you have not removed the lens cap. Smashed the bottom on my palm a few times while it was on with the lens extended, careful to not hit the lens with my hand. You saved me stress and a few hundred dollars ate lease. Even 12 years after you originally posted this solution it worked for me on my Sony Steady Shot DSC-W510. Christina Mon, -0700 I wasn't sure if this site was a joke - so many people saying to whack their camera sounded like some kind of practical joke. I dropped the Cybershot zoom briefly on the floor, with the zoom out, but it seemed ok. I tap it many times strongly, and finally begun to work. First thought it was a kind of bad joke but after seeing the long list, I tried and it was so successful Thank you a lo .

Thomas DMon, -0500 tap your camera on tha table twice. Then I got angry how ppl are doing it, on the floor I gave it a few whacks and VOILA.worked. Shiv Tue, 0000 Friends, This may sound crazy but it worked .... I grabbed the lens and yanked it up and down a few times - same idea. one day my son dropped it on floor (lcd side) in camra ON position . I tapped it really hard and also pulled onto the lens when it zoomed out. Jennifer Fri, 0000 I had to hit my camera hard many times, I hit the table 3-4 times and try to turn on, repeat till your camera is working. Started a little gentle (so I wont break anymore of it), tried it if it works and then repeat the process with a little more force than the last. Also mine was'nt retracting its' lens normally - it did a " bounce " out againbefore fully shutting - maybe a clue as to what was wrong CHEERS ! When I reinserted the battery and turned on the camera it worked normally!! My question to you all is, is the inner lens supposed to be loose? I gently tapped the camera a few times on the table as suggested and I'm taking pictures again! ie : just around the lens part and then I switched it on.. I was about to purchace new camera as I am now in beutiful contry and wanted to capture snap but couple of weeks back my camera catched with this 'access' error. I haven't used this camera (dsc-p10) in a few years and I was reading all these other sites about how the ccd chip or something is probably broken but they won't fix it for free anymore. So I tried to firmly move it upwards, heard a pop,and now its perfect again. I tap it very hard (after) a series of small taps, etc. You have saved me a lot of money,mur Sat, 0400 Great forum! Attempt after attempt, I could not get this trick to work. Palaniyappan Mon, 0300 It does not fix the problem. To my amazement and sheer delight - with camera upright, one firm rap on a thick carpet and Voila - error message gone! The lens comes out when you turn the camera on, it would hit the lens cap and cause damage. Then when I next tried to switch it on the lens wouldn't open and it said to switch off and on. Like others on this site, I thought I may as well try. Then gave three or four fairly firm taps on a cafe tabletop (still not whacks) - and hurrah!!! Tracked: Wed, 0300 Title: Lens Blocked on Fuji Finepix S1900 Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: Hello, writing you from Romania.

1Jeanne Sat, 0000 I have the DSC-T3 5.1 meg camera and i have tried everything hitting and tapping it like everyone else but with no luck anyone know anything else that i could try to fix it? Well, now after a few harder hits, it still won't work to take photos - only to view old ones. So I took it apart and pushed the inerds around and put it back together still didn't work. It did take a pretty heavy hit on the palm of my hand before getting reset.scotty macdonough Sun, 0400 It really did work!!!

Thanks Maitha Cheryl Mon, 0000 Hi, I gave it some taps and it started to work again, I took a couple of pictures and when I shut it off and started it again, it gave me that same ANNOYING message! it make take a couple taps before you get it,i got mad because it wasn't working and hit it hard, then it worked! fish Wed, 0000 I tried waking it before reading the advice and it didn't work. Would have thrown it away without this info.anonymous Thu, 0400 Got the same problem with my DSC W210, Lo and behold! I was ready to toss the camera, thanks for the suggestion.

I tapped it with my hand but no good so two hits on the bench and presto just like new. I followed the advice of hitting it up against my hand and after about a dozen times the lens popped open! Ragan Thu, 0000 I thought I would have to get a new camera, but I wanted to see if there was an easy fix first. I didn't do that, as the water didn't get in, but may be worth remembering. WOW..ternyata dg cara melemparkannya ke meja setinggi 20 cm bisa menghidupkannya lagi.... Luckly I had mine with so we didn't loose any chances at photos but they were still bumed that their camera wasn't working. Peter Thu, 0400 The double medium tap in my hand worked perfectly! SMan Thu, 0400 Me QU1G Thanks again for the article post. i was getting so fed up, decided i'd try a couple more times and noticed the sound of the lens stopped. i am honestly baffled and thankful Kaylinn Wed, 0400 Maitha thanks a lot! And then there's the plus side of not only Maitha's good advice but the very entertaining comments one after another. i turn it off and on again and again but it is still there. Just google, found your reply tapped camera, voila it worked, brilliant. So much cheaper than the 6.50 they would charge to just look at the camera. my cams zoom is not working & error message is appearing ,after taping gently 2times it worked thanxxx manalex baby Mon, 0300 I simply can not believe this thread. One should not have to be banging or hitting the camera to make it work. 4ony doesn't seem to be what it use to Sat, 0300 I had the same problem with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H200. Mike Pfeil Wed, 0400 Took me 180 "taps" (from taps to serious hits on table/shirts/whatever solid). After finding Maitha's posting (via Google), it reminded me of how I'd previously fixed it and I "smacked its bottom" twice. I like the camera to use for impromptu photos so the error was very annoying. Same problem occured during Paris journey from Turkey.

Sarah Thu, 0000 I had the same problem with my ciber-shot dsc-w35. I have only had the camera a few months, so if it happens again, I think I will swap it for a new one (or a different make altogether! I wacked it a bunch more times after reading the advice no go. I thought my camera was a goner after reading the manual for my DSC-W55.

Almost not beliving, I did what Maitha told to do, and it WORKED!! the lens was then level and i was then able to take Fri, 0000 at first it would try to retract 3 times and then give me the message..after dropping it a couple of times.lens now refuses to come out in the first place.still gives me the message! Sara Sat, 0000 Sure enough, I gave my TZ1 two firm wacks on the my counter top after trying all the gentle suggestions and it works like new! THANKS SO MUCH MAITHA AND EVERYONE ELSE IM SO HAPPY I DIDNT HAVE TO BUY A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!! Thanks a lotgiancarlo Sat, 0000 I am so happy and amazed that this actually worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! camera wacker Sun, 0000 hello i have sony cyber-shot DSC-S2000! Thank you.anonymous Wed, 0000 I have a sony cybershot DSC-S980 12.1 mega pixels camera and i turn on the power button and it says turn the power off and on again so i do that and it says the same thing. Maitha you're a genius, you're a queen, you're amazing ... my camera is Sony DSC-H7 I also thought this was a silly idea, but I did not have any other option i talked to sony company they said it will take 2 months to repair this but I couldn't wait for 2 months I was so frustrate about this. My camera would turn on but the lens made a horrible noise when opening. I'm so happy and grateful with maitha and all you guys posting all this, mine is a DSC-H20 and I drop it last night just before getting into vacations, I feel so frustrated, let me tell you I hit it tons of times with my hand and knees I supposed it was the same as hitting it agains the table but that didn't worked, then I went to the table procedureand after the second smash it worked!!! Then someone mentioned the lens...tried twisting it but still no luck...for one last try i thought i'll just push the lens really hard back in and i thought i broke it as i heard a massive crack.MIRACULOUSLY IT WORKED!!!! kayleigh Tue, 0000 One more for the record -- two solid whacks on the kneecap did the trick!!! )Kedamc Sun, 0000 not working for me :(and the stupid lens is stucki guess ill tap till i break it lolthanks anyways.. My camera Sony DSC-W350 had the same problem but I tapped it for many times ~Thksss Leticia Mon, 0000 My DSC-W220 Cyber shot was doing the same thing. I was worried that my camera was riggins Fri, 0000 Tapping and whacking did NOT work for me with a Sony DCS-WX5. thanks so much :)porschemomma Sat, 0000 My sony DSC W380 camera had the problem of the lens popping in and out a few times and finally closing when switching it on with the greeting "turn the power on and off". Came across this website with another website which has got me a working camera and a happy me again! Two firm taps against the table really was all it took! Regards from a Fri, 0000 realy tap works........i am happy yepeeeeeee.............thanks guys VIVEK KUMARSat, 0000 Please im trying to figure this out! saved me from selling my 0 camera for dirt cheap! My camera is working great now Sandra Lombardi Thu, 0300 Thanks Maitha! So,happy to have not paid a bunch of money :)Dani Mon, 0300 it didnt work for me. Then I turned the camera on then removed the battery and then repeatedly slammed the camera on the table several times pretty hard. if u have a similay problem then just tap your camera quite hardly from all sides..binaya Fri, 0400 Totally worked for my dsc w370! I thought the caveman technique was long gone in this super sensitive digital era, but it really worked.thanks for saving me a couple hundred ! Open it up and spray out the gears with compressed air. It took me somewhat longer, but no need to smash it really hard. Peter Fri, 0400 Hi All , The Trick works for me in SONY WS350 camera ! Senthil kumar Sat, 0400 I followed Senthil kumar step's...first attempt not came but second attempt its face this problem you also try... Then hit the bottom of the camera on my palm as hard as I could - about 5 times and presto, camera works!!! I had already written if off and made a mental reserve towards a new camera. Layla Sat, 0300 Ok, the last comments on this were back in 2007, but Maitha still rocks. did as told, at first the light taps didnt work, then kept reading along that it had to be hard almost smashed. Jim Sat, 0400 thank you, once again you have saved the day here as turning off and on doesn't work, hit it.

(Fortunately I bought a analog one) When I was seaching the web about the problem, I was already hopeless, because the waranty was over , and I would probably pay a lot of money to fix it. so when i opened it again i put the edge of the knife in the lens to level and turned the power on ... When the power is switched i had to apply all force against my other palm and after solid 2-3mins hitting, caution that is ur camera, it finally worked... thanks so much =)melissa Thu, 0000 Worked for me too!! Thanks Mase Tue, 0000 IT works with my Cybershot DSC-W35!! Tyson Sun, 0000 It works, Thank you very very much ... Hassan Fri, 0000 i didn't work the first time when i hit it against my hand; nor the second time when i hit it on a piece of wood, but the third time (with the camera open)i hit harder against the floor tile and it worked.. thanks a lotalex leutz Tue, 0000 I threw mind on the floor after trying to hit it a few times and it worked!!!!!!!! Anyone know anything else how i could try to fix it? Hit the flat side (on right while viewing front) near lens with palm as the unit powered on. teresa Mon, 0000 It worked (sort-of) for my Sony DSC-W35. I had the same problem with my daughter's DSC-W120. this was the first site i came too and was at the tapping for 10 mins..luck there. Gary Sat, 0000 yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... tapping works.....................Sun, 0000 Yes, it works! I had to hit mine pretty hard like 20 times when it was off, and it turns on and takes pictures again! But thanks to Maithas advice, it is now back on the tracks again! I tried banging it again and again and it still didn't work. Mostly just dirt on the gears and cleaning it out worked just fine. Don't give up if at first you do not have the successes reported above. On the third time , i have hit the LCD side on my left hand biceps hardly . I was really worried about my camera and if i get that to service center guys they might charge atleast half the price of my camera ! Getting the 'turn it off and on again' message, I searched the Internet for possible solution. After taping on the table serveral times - no luck. after two months without my camera i almost gave up on it and bought a new onemarii Wed, 0400 I thought mine would not work anymore as I started tapping it and nothing happened, GOT MAD :/ threw it to the cement on a cardboard box a few times and Boila! Loubenia Wed, 0400 Hhahahahha, worked for me too :) you just have to be patient, hit it until it starts working again : D : D this is great! I hated the thought of buying a new one since im on a budget!!

But the battery had charge.sheena Thu, 0000 Wow i cant believe this worked for my camera... I have a Super steady shot dsc-h2 and no amount of whacking or palm striking is working. Being an Electrical Engineer who took advanced work in optics I am sure this part was built by an the machine Mon, 0000 I had to hit the bottom of the camera on my knee for a while (when the camera was on), but hitting it worked nonetheless. My old W70 was kept alive by this technique (which, by the way, I didn't get from here) for another 4 months after it initially had trouble, which was also after it had already undergone a lens replacement under warranty by SONY, then failed again another four months after that for the same thing. Of course, I think it was pretty much already dead and I have had two more cameras since. I made sure that the next cameras I bought would take the same batteries. How many of you have high relative humidity where you live?

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Is it because i started using the camera without even charging the batttery? I dented the peice of wood with the camera and sure enough it worked. LBSun, 0400 I did this same thing back in 2008 or so with a DSC-W70 (my second DSC series camera) and it worked. It's working okay, but I am about to try it on my even older DSC-W50, which I still have. Questions for all if you ever come back and read this: How many of you took your camera to the beach or a sandy place?

BTW, I think the fault could be caused by switching on and off too quickly, so, slow down there.ernieernie Tue, 0000 Thank you! (But only if I read this last night...before I spend 0 to buy a new camera! I have also had this same problem after my wife dropped our camera. Try with it ON, and OFF, lens extended and retracted, smash the top and then the bottom, one side and then the other. Then I got to this forum and read how folks tried and tried until a good whack took care of the issue... I did try to whack it against the floor as flat as possible (bottom, top, sides, flat edges, etc.) so as not to cause too much damage. when it comes before it goes in and turn Thu, 0000 My camera started doing the same thing a few days ago and I was worried I would have to buy a new one until I saw this tip and tried it and it worked!!! I agree that it may just be a last ditch effort, and that's where I was.