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19-May-2019 21:17

😂 When @kristysowin approached me about surprising @juleshough at her wedding with one of her favorite numbers I choreographed for her tour, I was so excited. I typically can't keep a gift or surprise to myself to save my life, and any form of attention gives me anxiety, but I knew it would mean the world to my best friend on her wedding day.I immediately called up @ashley_gonzo and @paulinemata to meet me and Kristy in the dance studio to help recreate it for Julianne's bridesmaids and closest friends. Thank you @hayley.erbert for reviewing with the girls. Which is why the best part of this video is to just watch Jules completely lose it!Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell's famous friendship may have turned into something more.If you've been following the Hollywood stars' social media pages, chances are you have seen the pair together on more than a couple occasions.Whether ringing in the New Year with friends in Texas or watching UFC fight night at a onesie party, the pair appears more than happy to enjoy quality time together. Glen is a very family oriented guy and Nina loves that about him." birthday party, Glen helped recreate the signature couples pose from the Oscar nominated film with the birthday girl.As a result, some followers have been left with a big question: Could this pair be starting 2017 on a romantic note? The pair also "got rowdy" in Texas while celebrating a brand-new year with close friends including Olympian Jimmy Feigen and country singer Leslie Powell.While a rep for the stars say "they are good friends," multiple sources tell E! Close friend Jessica Szohr also shared a photo nine weeks ago where Nina and Glen were once again hanging out.News that they are in fact dating."They have a similar group of friends and have been seeing each other on the low for a little while," one source shared with E! While the pair is keeping quiet on their relationship status for now, some fans believe something special is brewing.

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In February, Ian shot down rumors that there was bad blood between his ex and his wife. Let's stop spreading hate everyone, there's already too much of that right now in our world. Only love here — always has been always will be,” he wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the trio grabbing dinner. She began her career at the age of 17, appearing in — though it sounds like she wouldn't return for a reboot.I was standing right behind Jules watching the performance so I didn't get to see her expression until now and it just makes me smile nonstop. Also, a very special shoutout to @kylehanagami @ashley_gonzo @paulinemata for taking the time to teach me a much easier version of this number lol, without whom this video would probably be a lot less cute.