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13-Jul-2019 13:19

When he goes to kill his brother’s killer, he finds Dexter already in the process, but instead of turning Dexter in, Prado’s asks Dexter to train him to kill.The two strike up an unlikely friendship, with Prado being emotional, petty, and deceitful.The writers got rid of Lumen haphazardly when everyone would have preferred for her to stay, but regardless, major props to Julia Stiles for handling Lumen’s traumatic arc with skill.

Miller didn’t last long on Jordan Chase’s killer and the Robin to Dexter’s Batman in the disappointing fifth season.

Strahovski’s best performances as Hannah came after Dexter turns her in for murder.

As a betrayed and jilted ex-lover, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Hannah Mc Kay.

It's plausible that he could actually discover that through his research eventually, which opens up yet another door that could lead to Dexter's undoing.

Quinn first gave the bribery money back -- only to take it again later -- after his stripper girlfriend warned him that dealing with the Koshka Brotherhood could get him killed. 2 sat Quinn down and told him to lose the blood evidence linking Circo to the Columbian killings or else Nadia would get shipped off to a sex club in Dubai.

The writers are making him into an evil supervillain who could believably take Dexter down at some point.

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