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Henry Cullen Couldsbury entered the service of the British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia in 1902, and was transferred to Northern Rhodesia, where he was promoted to Native Commissioner, in 1910.

He died during the First World War while acting as liaison officer between the Belgian and British military forces in Uganda. Gouldsbury was a successful novelist (Reprint of 1932 anthology, with new material inc.

In 1890, Cecil John Rhodes selected Selous as guide to the famed Pioneer Column which occupied present-day Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), With the outbreak of the Matabele Rebellion six years later he assumed command of "H" Troop of the Bulawayo Field Force, and, when peace returned, produced this gripping and informative narrative of the events he had taken part in. A PUNGENT, perceptive and highly entertaining account of trek-oxen, wagons and the ways of the transport rider before the railways began to open up Central Africa. photos.; dust jacket repro, of Ellerton Fry photo of 1890 Column crossing Nuanetsi river; new Publishers' Intro.

Selous was killed in Tanganyika in 1917, at the age of 65, while serving with the Royal Fusiliers. Stanley Portal Hyatt came to Africa to seek his fortune during the 1890s, drove supply wagons through the virgin veld for some ten years of unremitting toil and was rewarded, eventually, with little more than fond memories, financial ruin and ill-health. ISBNs 0 86920 004 6 (standard) and 0 86920 005 4 (de luxe).

Born in King's Lynn, England, in 1820, Baines began to make a name for himself as an artist with the British forces in the Eastern Cape of South Africa during the Kaffir Wars. letter from David Livingstone; new Publishers' Intro.

Thereafter he undertook several arduous journeys north, through what later (in the 1890s) became Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), to the Zambesi river, joined Livingstone's Zambesi Expedition and, in 1862, visited the Victoria Falls by way of South West Africa. ISBNs 0 86920 000 3 (standard) and 0 86920 0011 (de luxe).

In 1868 he was engaged by a British commercial firm to investigate the newly-discovered gold fields of Tati and "Matabililand" north of the Limpopo. A VIVID firsthand account of the Matabele nation's rebellion against Cecil Rhodes's settlers in 1895, three years after the founding of modern Bulawayo.

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THOMAS BAINES ranked only just below Livingstone, Stanley and Park in the hierarchy of Victorian explorers in Africa.Many of the volumes contain illustrative and textual material additional to the original.