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08-Dec-2019 14:01

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Little did I know I would meet the man of my dreams…and my nightmares.

Recommended Reading: (affiliate links) Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder: A 4-Step Plan for You and Your Loved Ones to Manage the Illness and Create Lasting Stability Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Patients and Families I would love to connect with you!

Since I have siblings suffering from the disorder, I personally wouldn't want a relationship with a man who is bipolar.

I noticed that some bipolar patience don't even bother taking the medications given to them.

Besides, for any non-ideal trait or detail about a man, the standard advice is to run away.

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After perusing some of the forums on this site and elsewhere, the answers have been pretty grim...usually "run away as fast as you can" or something similar, which is especially hard to read, especially after a breakup. This probably isn't what you want to hear but it's the way I see it.

The beginning of our relationship was fun but fast. Looking back now, I can clearly see that he was in a manic phase, one of the bipolar symptoms. I realize that not everyone is able to be in a relationship with a bipolar person. Here is a quick reference guide for you if you believe you, your spouse or a family member may be bipolar. After 16 years of a non-existent marriage, I jumped all in to a relationship with someone who made me feel wanted. Looking back, I would characterize those years as hypo mania; fun, happy, good times.