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09-Jun-2019 16:53

The piece was originally picked up at Tel Arad, the site of an ancient desert fortress near the modern Israeli city of Arad.

"While its front side has been thoroughly studied, its back was considered blank," says one of the team, Arie Shaus.

Some of these jars were pretty big – a comparable jar uncovered in a nearby site holds 300 litres (79 gallons), which could have held the contents of 400 wine bottles today.

It's thought the prehistoric imbibers of Georgia may have stored their wine in large jars underground, leaving them to ferment.Georgia, which has a long heritage of winemaking, is positioned at a crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and the grape identified in jar fragments excavated from two Neolithic-era villages is "The infinite range of flavours and aromas of today's 8,000–10,000 grape varieties are the end result of the domesticated Eurasian grapevine being transplanted and crossed with wild grapevines elsewhere over and over again," says archaeologist Stephen Batiuk from the University of Toronto."The Eurasian grapevine that now accounts for 99.9 percent of wine made in the world today, has its roots in Caucasia." The ceramic shards were uncovered in digs conducted in the ancient villages of Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora, with the team later confirming the presence of a number of acids found in wine taken from the residue of eight jars: tartaric, malic, succinic, and citric acid.Now, reports that archaeologists have found evidence of a steep population decline in eastern English towns in relatively mundane objects—pottery shards.

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Evidence of the world's oldest known winemaking has been uncovered in the nation of Georgia, with a chemical analysis of Stone Age pottery jars fingerprinting an ancient drop going back some 8,000 years.In historical writings and popular lore, the Black Death has long been portrayed as a cataclysmic event—a plague that wiped out 30% to 60% of Europe’s population, young and old, rich and poor.

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