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20-Nov-2019 22:47

I think sense I left the ICOC I wanted to deny being in a cult. Living day to day among people who have never experienced this--- I feel like I wear many mask daily. It is a miracle for me to admit that is was a Christian cult. It so hard to be honest and open about my experience.After reading a number of testimonies, I think myself very lucky that I did not stay there any longer.Actually, the International Church of Christ (ICOC) is/was a cult, and even Kip Mc Kean (its founder) has come around to realizing that one. However, the Church of Christ (churches of Christ), per se, is not the same thing as the ICOC. I wonder if this one bears in similiarities to the DFW Church of Christ Jesus that was an offshoot as well. I was recruited in 1991 and I was almost gullible enough to join until two things happened.There's also a forum specifically for ex-members of the ICC, where a large number of ex-members share their experiences, you will find dozens of ex members of the ICC there who will know exactly what you've been through.

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The insecurity that I feel, the daily confusion--- Ive been around old friends and they tell me who I use to be and I cant believe it. I got into a relationship with a high school boyfriend.

I dont know what those people did--- I dont know what values to hold on to which ones to let go.

Which are my beliefs, which are thier forced beliefs. I read that I should continue to be patient with myself Im just ready for it to be over.

Hey everybody this is my first post and I dont know what to write. I was recruited the second semester of my freshman year. Althought deep down inside I just dont want it to have been a cult. But anyway if you can keep up, my experiences are some what blurred.

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I graduated and it has been about 1.5 sense I left. I just hate that period of my life so much because, of the now.That word gets thrown around alot by alot of people who really dont understand what it means. And i am actually looking to find out a little more info about the ICOC.