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After 1850 demand for cameos grew, as they became popular souvenirs of the Grand Tour among the middle class.Italy was an especially popular destination due to its prestigious history in mythology, the arts and culture.Hardstone cameos sell at a premium to a similar shell cameo.However cameos can be made from other materials including ivory, lava, plastics and glass, and some are made by setting a relief carving to a contrasting background which could be of a different material.When valuing a cameo, many factors have to be taken into account, including the materials used for the cameo, the quality of the carving, the desirability of the subject matter and whether the subject matter is rare. The quality of material and workmanship of the mount is also important. The evaluation of a cameo should include an examination to reveal any cracks or breaks, and this can be ascertained by holding the cameo up to a strong light, and/or examining it with a magnifying glass or jewellers loupe.

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A modern master carved cameo is carved from start to finish by one person and is usually signed. To become a master carver a student has to graduate from the art institute in Torre Del Greco. Not one of a kinds other than the fact they are hand carved and no 2 are alike. Buying Cameos: The most important advice I can give you is to buy from a reputable dealer who knows about cameos. Do not look for gold in a cameo, 80% of your fine cameos are not set in gold.

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By the end of the 19th century the popularity of the cameo was waning.

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Though they were still being produced, the quality of the carving in many cameos became poor, with figures and portraits being much cruder than their life-like predecessors of the Georgian and Victorian period.

THE CAMEO EVEN GOES UP AND DOWN LIKE THE REAL ONES. THE NEWEST ONE IS A MADOONA WITH HAND PRAYING FULL FACED. Sometime when a shell grows it stretches leaving natural lines in the shell. That is when the first agate was found that could be carved. Even though shells were carved from the 1500's most shell cameos were carved after the late 1700's.

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