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The Samoyed was used for lots of different jobs during ancient times. This breed was another treasured companion by the Chinese. Today, they are considered one of the most popular pets in America!The breed comes from Siberia where it was very cold. The Samoyed breed was used as a reindeer herder, a hunter, sled puller, and a guard dog. These dogs are characterized by having fur that falls over their eyes. The hair that covers their eyes is a means of protection from the cold climate and elements of Tibet - the country that they originated in. They were considered the "Holy Dogs of Tibet" because they were raised by lamas in monasteries.

They made excellent guard dogs during ancient times.

Afghan Hounds are now known for their long silky coats. They were designed to be able to carry large and heavy things for long distances. They are the largest and oldest of the Arcitic sled dogs.